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17 Ride-Or-Die Action Movie Duos You'd Trust To Save The World Any Day

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When you're being held hostage by a group of racially diverse global extremists or caught in the middle of a high school drug ring shootout, there's only one thing you can count on: an action movie duo made up of best buddies who'll do whatever it takes to save the day. 

The best action movie bromances are made up of partners who are polar opposites. Not only would they never work together, but they'd never even be caught in the same room with one another - that is, if they weren't forced to work with one another for the pursuit of butt-kicking justice.

There are so many action movie bros that it's impossible to list them all, so we've put together a list of the best of the best ride-or-die action bromances. It's up to you to determine the best action duos of the bunch.

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    Han Solo And Chewbacca, 'Star Wars' Franchise

    Photo: Star Wars / 20th Century Fox

    How Did They Get Paired Up? While serving on Mimban as a member of the Imperial Army, Han is tossed into a pit and forced to fight a Wookie prisoner. Fortunately, that Wookie turns out to be super chill and the duo escapes the pit to join up with a group of crooks.

    Do They Get Along? There's hardly a duo that gets along better than these two. By the time they make it to the main storyline of the original trilogy, they're almost a two-headed creature. Han is the surly, sarcastic pilot of the Millenium Falcon while Chewie is the tough yet sensitive co-pilot.

    Their Problem-Solving Style: Whenever these two space bros do have an argument (which is rare), they manage to work things out between themselves without too much of a hassle - and usually with Han getting his way. By the time The Force Awakens rolls around, it's almost as if Chewbacca is still hanging out with Han just to make sure his pal doesn't end up on the wrong end of a laser blast.

    Their Most Heroic Moment: There should be a picture of Han and Chewie in the dictionary next to the word "hero." Their exploits are legendary, but their most heroic moment happens at the end of A New Hope when they fly into battle to save Luke Skywalker's bacon with a big yeehaw. Did Chewie act as Han's conscience and make him return to the fray? Probably.

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    Steve And Bucky, The MCU

    Photo: Captain America: First Avenger / Paramount Pictures

    How Did They Get Paired Up? Friends from back in the day in New York City (as in way back in the day, the 1930s), Bucky saved a scrawny Steve Rogers from getting beaten up by bullies. By WWII, the dynamic had reversed and it was Steve watching over Bucky.

    Do They Get Along? Even though Steve was frozen in a block of ice and Bucky had his mind wiped and his arm removed before being turned into an agent of Hydra, these guys are bros 'til the end. Steve went out of his way to help Bucky regain his memory and his sense of self even when the rest of the MCU had given up on him.

    Their Problem-Solving Style: If Steve and Bucky can't work out something through a quick-witted Sorkin-esque back-and-forth, they do it with their fists (and vibranium weapons).

    Their Most Heroic Moment: These guys are two of the biggest heroes of the MCU, so it's hard to pinpoint their most heroic moment, but when they finally get back together in Infinity War and fight side-by-side, it's one of the most exciting moments in any Marvel film.

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    Agent J And Agent K, 'Men in Black' Franchise

    Photo: Men in Black / Columbia Pictures

    How Did They Get Paired Up? After chasing down a culprit who's faster than any human should be, NYPD detective James Edwards is recruited by the Men in Black. His background is erased and he becomes Agent J before being partnered up with Agent K.

    Do They Get Along? At the start of J's time with the MiB, these two are like oil and water. J is full of questions and curiosity about the job, outer space, and aliens in general, while K is more or less bored with the whole thing. He's used to his old partner, a guy who'd been on the job for years. Even by the end of the first film, J and K aren't totally on the same wavelength.

    Their Problem-Solving Style: These agents are about as opposite as you can get. K is a by-the-book kind of guy, while J is just learning the ropes of being an overseer of interstellar diplomacy. J thinks outside the box and doesn't let the rules get in his way even when that kind of thinking annoys the heck out of K.

    Their Most Heroic Moment: It's not until the sequel that these two really manage to come together. During the film's climax, a deneuralized K tells the young woman who in all likelihood is his daughter to return to her home planet before blasting an evil alien out of the sky in full view of New York City. Having rubbed off on one another after two films, these guys finally make a good team.

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    Riggs And Murtaugh, 'Lethal Weapon' Franchise

    Photo: Lethal Weapon / Warner Bros.

    How Did They Get Paired Up? After Detective Riggs becomes depressed after the passing of his wife, he's transferred from narcotics to homicide, where he's paired with Sergeant Murtaugh, a long-time officer who just wants to take things easy now that he's 50 years old.

    Do They Get Along? Initially, these two can't stand one another. Murtaugh thinks Riggs is a loose cannon (which he is) and Riggs thinks Murtaugh doesn't take him seriously (which he doesn't). It's not until Riggs saves Murtaugh during a shootout in a drug lab that the two even start to get along.

    Their Problem-Solving Style: It doesn't matter how hard Riggs works, Murtaugh thinks his partner is a psychopath. When it comes to confronting their problems, these two would prefer to yell at each other rather than have a nice sitdown - especially in the first film. Even as their relationship softens over the course of the franchise, Murtaugh does a lot of yelling at his partner and Riggs makes a lot of crazy eyes. That's just how they get the job done.

    Their Most Heroic Moment: Riggs and Murtaugh's dynamic finally coalesces in the climax of the first Lethal Weapon. After the push and pull of crazy Riggs and careful Murtaugh snaps under the weight of "Shadow Company," a group of former special operatives involved in the heroin market, the duo finally settle into their roles. Murtaugh literally cheers his partner on as Riggs fights a member of Shadow Company in the middle of a front yard before they both just shoot him. It's about as touching as an action movie from the '80s can get.

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