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The Strongest Airbenders From 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' & 'The Legend Of Korra,' Ranked

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Until The Legend of Korra, airbending was all but lost to the world following the Fire Nation's attack on the Air Nomads during Firelord Sozin's reign. Avatar Aang, the last airbender, carried this legacy until the birth of his son, Tenzin. Thus, ranking the strongest airbenders proves a bit of a challenge, considering there's so much new blood in the bending discipline. Nevertheless, there are still a number of powerful airbenders fighting for the top spot. Are you an A:TLA purist and stand by Avatar Aang as the most powerful airbender of all time, or are you more inclined to go with the ever-subversive Zaheer, the anarchist airbender that achieved an airbending feat not seen in thousands of years?

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    The sole survivor of the Air Nomad Genocide, Avatar Aang was the most powerful airbender by default in the world of Avatar until his death. His legacy is carried on through his son, Tenzin, and his grandchildren Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo. By the time of the genocide, Aang was already an airbending master, complete with his arrow tattoos at age 12. He mastered thirty-five of the thirty-six airbending forms and invented the air scooter technique, which became a signature bending technique of his.

    His training at the Southern Air Temple focused on his agility and avoidance strategies rather than facing challenges head-on, which proved useful in countless confrontations.

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    The youngest child of Avatar Aang and Katara, Tenzin is currently the oldest living airbending master. Until the birth of his children, Tenzin was the only airbender to be born in over a hundred years and was extensively taught the traditions and customs of the Air Nomads by his father. He is well-versed in all airbending techniques, and like Aang, his prowess in combat with airbending is exceptional. Utilizing his dexterity and agility, he is able to move about a battlefield with great ease and he can avoid attacks like nobody's business. 

    Additionally, Tenzin is skilled in creating extremely powerful tornadoes that are strong enough to throw large machines in the air, and he is capable of creating air pockets to protect himself and others from any harmful gases.

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    Monk Gyatso was Avatar Aang's guardian and mentor prior to the Hundered Year War. An airbending master, Gyatso was trained in the longstanding traditions of the discipline, but always incorporated an element of whimsy with his general, non-confrontational bending. During the Fire Nation's attack on the Air Nomads, Gyatso was able to take on more than a dozen soldiers, ending their lives when he was cornered in a one-way passage. Presumably, he created a vacuum in the area, suffocating the soldiers as well as himself.

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    Leader of the anarchist orgization known as The Red Lotus, Zaheer is a new airbender that gained his bending abilities following Harmonic Convergence. Despite only having airbending abilities for a short time and being self-taught, Zaheer displays high proficiency in the art. He is capable of creating large air currents capable of knocking people off-balance, as well as increasing his agility to evade attacks, enabling him to take on multiple benders at a time.

    Unlike other airbenders that traditionally practice pacifism and non-lethal combat, Zaheer is a deadly fighter, utilizing airbending to suffocate the Earth Queen and nearly end Korra's life.

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