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The 15 Strongest Anbu Members In Konoha History, Ranked

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Anbu, also known as the Black Ops, is a group of highly skilled shinobi who carry out covert missions for their villages. Everybody who gets recruited into Anbu is powerful, otherwise, they wouldn't be there. But who are the strongest Anbu members in Konohagakure?

Many, like Orochimaru, Itachi Uchiha, and Kakashi Hatake, are no longer part of the organization by the time they're introduced. But whether they were trying to sabotage the city from within or lending it their strength, they made a major impact. Others, like Danzo Shimura, are deeply dedicated to Anbu when they're introduced. In fact, in Danzo's case, it's not just Anbu, but a seperate faction called Root that claimed to be covertly working for Konoha's interests, but in reality did anything but. 

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  • Though better known for his role in the Akatsuki, it was actually Itachi's connection with Root Anbu that led to him being forced to destroy his own clan. He joined Anbu at the young age of 11, and quickly began to distinguish himself as one of its strongest members. Ultimately, he was manipulated by Danzo to use his strength to slay his family in order to avoid a coup.

    So, what was that strength? In addition to the physical prowess required to wipe out a whole compound full of powerful ninja, he also possessed great finesse with a wide range of jutsu. These included all of the powers of the Mangekyo Sharingan - in addition to abilities like Susano-o and Amaterasu, his unique skill was a genjutsu called Tsukuyomi that caused hallucinations and time distortions. Like most Uchiha clan members, he was also skilled with Fire Jutsus.

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  • Shisui Uchiha became a jounin only a few short years after graduating from Ninja Academy. He led a difficult life, but ultimately became dedicated to helping stop his clan from going forward with a coup. Danzo Shimura and Root appeared to be on his side...but then Danzo snatched his Mangekyo Sharingan for his own use.

    That Mangekyo Sharingan was incredibly powerful. Not only did it have all of the normal powers of such an eye, it also had a special ability called Kotoamatsukami, a genjutsu that not only manipulated a person's thoughts and memories, it also persuaded them that the new thoughts were their own. Shisui also possessed a jutsu called the Body Flicker Technique, which let him move so quickly that he appeared to be teleporting.

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  • Kakashi Hatake has had a fraught history with Anbu. He joined shortly after Rin's demise, and was still reeling from the loss. After the Nine Tailed Fox attacks Konoha, the Third Hokage orders the underage ninja not to fight, which leads Kakashi to doubt his leadership and join Root. Ultimately, he realizes that the Third isn't the ineffectual leader he thought he was, and begins working against Root - but in the end, he returns to working as a regular jounin, and later, a jounin instructor.

    His skills have always been incredible. At first, he frequently used the blade he inherited from his father, but later his skills expanded to include Chidori, a powerful lightning move that he invented, and various Sharingan techniques acquired from the eye he received from Obito. Considering his average chakra reserves, the fact that he's able to use his Sharingan at all, let alone effectively, really speaks to his overall strength.

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  • Orochimaru was a member of Anbu's Root division until his human experimentation was discovered and he fled Konoha to join the Akatsuki. He joined because he hoped it would give him the resources he needed to pursue his own goals, including, he hoped, becoming the next Hokage.

    His strength is legendary - so much so that he's literally considered a member of the Legendary Sannin - three of the greatest ninja Konoha has ever seen. He's best known for his extensive body modifications. His true form is a gigantic white snake made from multiple tiny snakes, which can poison his enemies. By using his Living Corpse Reincarnation, he can inhabit another person's body, absorbing their powers for himself and freeing him from the shackles of mortality.

    Besides being functionally immortal, he's also a great fighter. He can all five basic nature release techniques, wield the Sword of Kusanagi, summon a giant snake to do his bidding, use Sage Transformation, and more. 

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