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20 Ridiculously Strong Anime Attacks Ranked By How Cool They Are

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Saitama of One Punch Man is known for his ability to knock anybody out with a single punch. While his Serious Punch is definitely one of the strongest anime attacks out there, it's not the only powerful move. Actually, there are a ton of physical attacks that can wreak havoc - let's take a look at a few of the best. 

This list will be looking at attacks that require the users' physical strength, so Ainz's OP spells and Light Yagami's magical notebook won't be included, even though they're super cool. Pure energy attacks like Goku's Kamehameha or Hiei's Dragon of Darkness Flame are strong contenders, though.

Which of these attacks would you never want to end up on the wrong side of?

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    The United States Of Smash - 'My Hero Academia'

    There's more to All Might's legendary quirk than just a series of increasingly powerful punches, but that's mostly how he uses it. In his fight against All For One, his strength is almost completely gone, but this destructive, high-energy punch still manages to put All For One out of commission. Once Izuku pulls off this one it'll be a sight to behold. 

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  • Serious Punch - 'One Punch Man'
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    Saitama can defeat anybody with a single punch, but not all punches are equal. Serious Punch is the strongest version we've seen so far. How strong? That's not clear, since he's never actually directly hit another person with it. Instead, he used it to stop Boros's Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, which would have wiped out the planet if he didn't. The shock wave annihilated Boros.

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  • Dragon of the Darkness Flame - 'Yu Yu Hakusho'
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    To use Dragon of the Darkness Flame, Hiei summons a powerful dragon made of flames from the Spirit Realm, and unleashes it on his opponent. It's not an easy attack to unleash, since it requires gathering a lot of power, isn't easy to control, and will severely damage his arm afterwards, but the impact on whoever is unlucky enough to be in its path is stunning. 

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    Spirit Bomb - 'Dragon Ball Z'

    Spirit Bomb is similar to Goku's primary attack, Kamehameha, in that both of them are enormous bursts of energy. But while Kamehameha relies solely on Goku's individual strength, Spirit Bomb takes energy from plants, animals, and other humans. 

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