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19 Anime Butlers Who Are Stronger Than Most Protagonists

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Butlers, maids, and other members of the household staff are usually known for their skills at organization, cooking, cleaning, and other domestic duties - not so much for their ability to wreak havoc in a fight. While most household help that appear in anime fit the job description, battle butlers are a little different.

Who are the strongest anime butlers and maids out there? One obvious example is Sebastian Michaelis, a demon butler who plans to eat his charge Ciel's soul after he finishes helping him get revenge. There's also Canary from Hunter X Hunter, who fights off anyone who disturbs the Zoldyck family using a rod for a weapon. Tohru from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is no slouch either - she's a dragon who is powerful enough to bring about the apocolypse.

Which of these awesome butlers or maids would you want to have helping out at your place?

  • Sebastian Michaelis is, in his own words, one hell of a butler. After promising to serve Ciel Phantomhive in exchange for being allowed to devour his soul, he becomes the butler of the Phantomhive household. His job isn't just to run the household and basically raise the twelve-year-old orphan, it's also to help him get revenge on the people who orphaned him in the first place.

    As a demon, Sebastian has a wide range of abilities. There's the aforementioned soul consumption: that's how he satiates his hunger. He's also immortal, super strong, super fast, super hardy, and capable of sensing things that ordinary humans can't. He has control over fire, he can levitate, he can transform, and he can manifest a whole mansion out of nothing. Oh, and he can create powerful illusions to manipulate people into doing what he wants. You do not want to mess with this hellish butler. 

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    Sebas Tian - 'Overlord'

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    As the head butler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Sebas Tian's fighting skills are just as polished and seasoned as his appearance. He's considered one of the four strongest warriors within Nazarick. Created by the great knight Touch Me, Sebas takes after his master's moral compass, helping those in need, even if they're humans. But when faced with an opponent, he sheds away his chivalrous demeanor and shows off his incredible combat skills. 

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    Integra Hellsing's butler Walter C. Dornez is actually one of the most important members of his boss' vampire-hunting organization. That's because he's the person who supplies the weaponry for Seras and Alucard. Besides that, he's a capable fighter in his own right, preferring to use long, microfiliment wires. With this weapon, he's able to take out multiple vampires in a single shot. Besides that, he possesses enhanced speed, strength, and durability. 

    Unlike many of the butlers on this list, Walter doesn't stay loyal to his employers: rather, he sells them out to an organization called Millennium and gets a whole bunch of enhancements that make him about a billion times stronger than he used to be. 

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    Tohru - 'Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid'

    Kobayashi is a computer programmer who starts living with a dragon named Tohru after a drunken encounter in the woods. Tohru takes on maidly duties, cleaning Kobayashi's house, cooking meals, and running other errands during the day. Sometimes this means doing laundry with her spit or trying to serve her own tail for dinner, but that's what happens when you employ a dragon to do housework.

    Tohru does more than just maintain the household, however. She's apparently one of the strongest dragons from her realm, so wildly powerful that she could easily bring down the apocolypse if she chose to. She can breathe fire and seems to have full control over the elements. She's also one of the few dragons who can easily warp between dimensions. These skills are sometimes used for comedic effect, but every once in a while she actually has to fight another supernatural creature.

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