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The 13 Strongest Families in Anime History, Ranked

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Imagine you're at a family reunion, and instead of your relatives asking you about your schoolwork or job or your relationship, they're asking you about your last battle against a supervillain. While that may not be the reality for most of us, it is the reality for the members of some of the strongest anime families out there. 

Some of these powerful families are close-knit, loving ones. While Goku of Dragon Ball Z might not be the world's greatest dad, he still has a pretty good relationship with his kids, especially when it comes to training. Other families are more fractured - the Uchiha clan in Naruto was almost completely wiped out by one of its own members, and the Hanma family in Baki the Grappler is more focused on trying to defeat one another than anything else. 

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    The Uzumakis - Naruto

    The Uzumaki clan has a long history in Konoha. Known for their vast stores of chakra and their proficiency with sealing jutsu, they have traditionally been responsible for producing jinchuuriki for the Nine Tailed Fox. 

    Kushina Uzumaki, one such jinchuuriki, married Minato Namikaze, a man strong enough to become the Fourth Hokage. The two of them have a baby, Naruto Uzumaki, who becomes the next jinchuuriki straightaway, and ultimately becomes renowned enough for his various military feats that he becomes the Seventh Hokage. He marries Hinata Hyuuga, a member of a clan known for its vision-enhancing doujutsu. Their children, Boruto and Himawari, are still figuring out their skills, but Boruto has a brand new doujutsu called the Jogan Eye which lets him see between dimensions, and Himawari has inherited her mother's Byakugan. Overall, they're a powerful family!

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    The Briefs - Dragon Ball Z

    The Briefs are a family that combines both Saiyan and human lineage. On the Saiyan side, there's Vegeta, the prince of the destroyed planet he shares his name with. His fighting skills, special moves, and ability to go Super Saiyan make him one of the strongest characters in the series. On the human side, there's Bulma, who isn't much of a fighter, but whose scientific skills make her an invaluable asset to those who are. 

    Some members of the family possess similar skills. For example, Vegeta's son Trunks grows to achieve strength on par with his father's. Meanwhile, their daughter Bulla has been described by creator Akira Toriyama as strong, but not a fighter. She can use a few ki-based moves, and her father's signature Galick Gun.

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    The Ackermans - Attack on Titan

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    Once a powerful clan who protected the Eldian King, the Ackermans were subjected to severe oppression after they refused to adhere to King Fritz's orders. As a result, very few remain - but those who have appeared in the series have been powerful indeed. 

    That power comes from two areas. The first is a bloodline ability that gives clan members access to the accrued battle experience of every clan member that came before them. The second is straight up physical strength, which is obvious when you watch Kenny, Levi, and Mikasa in action. 

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    The Elrics - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    When we first meet the Elrics, we meet Edward and Alphonse, two kids who lost all or part of their bodies trying to bring their mother back to life using alchemy. Ed's talent leads to him becoming one of the youngest state alchemists in history. Though Al doesn't take on such a high-profile gig, he's still quite skilled, and often supports his brother on missions. 

    But their family's talent extends beyond just the brothers. Their father, Van Hoenheim, was an ancient and powerful alchemist who was also a human philosopher's stone, which grants him both immortality and the ability to bypass typical laws of alchemy. 

    If you also count Father, who was created using Van Hoenheim's blood, the family also includes a man who nearly achieved godhood before being defeated, as well as seven wildly powerful homunculus children. If you count Winry, who Ed eventually marries, the family also includes one of the most talented mechanics in Amestris. 

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