The 20 Strongest Families In Anime History, Ranked

Imagine you're at a family reunion, and instead of your relatives asking you about your schoolwork or job or your relationship, they're asking you about your last battle against a supervillain. While that may not be the reality for most of us, it is the reality for the members of some of the strongest anime families out there. 

Some of these powerful families are close-knit, loving ones. While Goku of Dragon Ball Z might not be the world's greatest dad, he still has a pretty good relationship with his kids, especially when it comes to training. Other families are more fractured - the Uchiha clan in Naruto was almost completely wiped out by one of its own members, and the Hanma family in Baki the Grappler is more focused on trying to defeat one another than anything else. 

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    The Sons - Dragon Ball Z

    Goku is one of the sole surviving members of the Saiyan race, and is most likely its strongest one, too. With multiple transformations and different versions of his signature move, Kamehameha, it's difficult for anyone to stand a chance against him in battle. 

    Though nobody else in the family quite matches up to the standards set by Goku, the Son family contains plenty of other powerful members. Goku's sons, Goten and Gohan, have learned many of the same techniques he has, and are able to use them to excellent effect. Gohan was able to defeat Cell, one of the biggest victories pulled off by anybody else in the series, while Goten is actually the youngest person to go Super Saiyan in history.

    There's also Goku's brother Raditz and his father Bardock, who might not be quite as strong as the aforementioned members, but were still Saiyan warriors. 

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    The Monkeys - One Piece

    Whether it's the stretchy powers given to him by his Gum Gum Fruit, or the Haki he learned through hardcore training, Monkey D. Luffy isn't someone you want to have to face off against in battle. His family tree is also star-studded. His grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, was a marine vice admiral who was known for fighting with cannonballs and other heavy weaponry. He's also so good at using Haki that he's actually able to damage Luffy's rubber body. Luffy's dad is Monkey D. Dragon, the head of the Revolutionary Army. His abilities are largely unknown, but he's widely considerd to be extremely strong. 

    In addition to his biological family, Luffy also has his adoptive brother, Portgas D. Ace. Ace was able to manipulate and create flames with the Flame-Flame Fruit. There's also his other adoptive brother Sabo, who ends up taking the Flame-Flame fruit after Ace passes. He also uses a fighting style called Ryusoken. 

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    The Zoldycks - Hunter x Hunter

    The Zoldycks - Hunter x Hunter
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    In the world of Hunter x Hunter, there's nobody more feared than the Zoldycks. They're a family of assassins who live on a dormant volcano called Kukuroo Mountain. From birth, its members are trained to be able to easily and effectively end lives, escape from even the most dangerous situations, and even develop immunity to most poisons.

    Each member has a different set of specialized Nen attacks, like the eldest son Illumi's mind control needles - or boasts some other ability, like Milluki's hacking skills or Alluka's wish-granting parasite. Even their staff is too strong for an average person to be able to take on. 

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    The Uchihas - Naruto

    Once a powerful Konoha clan, the Uchiha family has been whittled down to a few members after Itachi Uchiha massacred most of them in the hope of avoiding a violent coup.

    Its members possess an unparalleled doujutsu called the Sharingan, which at its most basic level lets users copy other people's jutsu and create illusions using genjutsu. But its evolved form, the Mangekyo, has all kinds of capabilities, from setting fires that will never stop burning to messing with the space-time continuum. 

    Sasuke Uchiha, one of the few surviving members by the end of the series, is powerful enough to serve as "second hokage." His daughter Sarada is still working on her skills, but given that she comes from a clan of wildly powerful shinobi like Madara and Itachi, she'll probably be fine. 

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    The Uzumakis - Naruto

    The Uzumaki clan has a long history in Konoha. Known for their vast stores of chakra and their proficiency with sealing jutsu, they have traditionally been responsible for producing jinchuuriki for the Nine Tailed Fox. 

    Kushina Uzumaki, one such jinchuuriki, married Minato Namikaze, a man strong enough to become the Fourth Hokage. The two of them have a baby, Naruto Uzumaki, who becomes the next jinchuuriki straightaway, and ultimately becomes renowned enough for his various military feats that he becomes the Seventh Hokage. He marries Hinata Hyuuga, a member of a clan known for its vision-enhancing doujutsu. Their children, Boruto and Himawari, are still figuring out their skills, but Boruto has a brand new doujutsu called the Jogan Eye which lets him see between dimensions, and Himawari has inherited her mother's Byakugan. Overall, they're a powerful family!

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    The Briefs - Dragon Ball Z

    The Briefs are a family that combines both Saiyan and human lineage. On the Saiyan side, there's Vegeta, the prince of the destroyed planet he shares his name with. His fighting skills, special moves, and ability to go Super Saiyan make him one of the strongest characters in the series. On the human side, there's Bulma, who isn't much of a fighter, but whose scientific skills make her an invaluable asset to those who are. 

    Some members of the family possess similar skills. For example, Vegeta's son Trunks grows to achieve strength on par with his father's. Meanwhile, their daughter Bulla has been described by creator Akira Toriyama as strong, but not a fighter. She can use a few ki-based moves, and her father's signature Galick Gun.

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