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The 20 Most Powerful Anime Mentors of All Time

If you're going to learn how to fight from someone, it may as well be the strongest person, right? Well, maybe. While they have plenty to teach, truly powerful anime mentors aren't always easy to work with. They know what it takes to be truly strong, so if they're serious about getting your there, they'll push you to the brink. That's why Edward and Alphonse of FMA think of their mentor Izumi Curtis with a mixture of terror and respect.

She's one of the strongest anime mentors, but who are some of the others? Well, there's Whis from Dragon Ball Super, who is one of the strongest beings in any universe and has abilities that transcend what should be possible. There's also Kisuke Urahara from Bleach, whose matter-altering bankai is only one of his many skills. But it's not just shonen that these powerful mentors appear in - Yuko Ichihara from xxxHolic can grant any wish, and dodge any attack, no matter how drunk she is. 

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