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The Most Powerful Arnold Schwarzeneggers In Arnold Schwarzenegger History

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Whether he’s oiled, toned, or dressed like a total nerd, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a powerful onscreen presence. During his storied film history, he's fought snake demons to taught kindergartners - and everything in between. But who's the strongest Arnold Schwarzenegger character? What is strength? Is it the ability to hoist a telephone booth over your head, or is it giving birth in the midst of a scientific breakthrough?

Obviously, the Arnold Schwarzenegger character you think is the most powerful is a subjective question. One person's version of strength is always going to be different from that of another person. In the 1980s, Schwarzenegger was the king of tough-guy action flicks. He was ripped and ready to rock, and even though he softened his image in the '90s, he remained an action icon. What he left in his wake was a vast and varied collection of strongmen, physical and otherwise.