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The Most Powerful Arnold Schwarzeneggers In Arnold Schwarzenegger History  

Jacob Shelton
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Whether he’s oiled, toned, or dressed like a total nerd, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a powerful onscreen presence. During his storied film history, he's fought snake demons to taught kindergartners - and everything in between. But who's the strongest Arnold Schwarzenegger character? What is strength? Is it the ability to hoist a telephone booth over your head, or is it giving birth in the midst of a scientific breakthrough?

Obviously, the Arnold Schwarzenegger character you think is the most powerful is a subjective question. One person's version of strength is always going to be different from that of another person. In the 1980s, Schwarzenegger was the king of tough-guy action flicks. He was ripped and ready to rock, and even though he softened his image in the '90s, he remained an action icon. What he left in his wake was a vast and varied collection of strongmen, physical and otherwise.

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Harry Tasker
Harry Tasker is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Most Powerful Arnold Schwarzeneggers In Arnold Schwarzenegger History
Photo: True Lies/20th Century Fox

Who Is Your Arnold, And What Does He Do? In True Lies, Tasker is a superspy masquerading as a computer scientist. He's a part of Omega Sector, a secret group created by the United States government.

Skill Set: Tasker is like James Bond but American... or Austrian pretending to be American... so he's adept at gunplay, hand-to-hand combat, and pretty much any kind of fighting style someone might consider cool.

Greatest Feat of Strength: After he's pumped full of enough truth serum to make George R.R. Martin tell you his ending to Game of Thrones, Tasker tells his captors how he's going to escape and exactly how he's going to do away with them, point by point - then he does exactly what he promised, like clockwork.

Weakest Moment: He's built such a well of distrust in his wife that he has to bring her on a secret spy mission, where they both get nabbed by bad guys and taken to the Florida Keys.

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Ben Richards is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Most Powerful Arnold Schwarzeneggers In Arnold Schwarzenegger History
Photo: The Running Man/TriStar Pictures

Who Is Your Arnold, And What Does He Do? This former police helicopter pilot, who's been framed for multiple misdeeds, has been getting ripped in a forced labor camp. He may not have any spectacular skills to speak of, but he's mad at the system that falsely imprisoned him - which is more than enough fuel to carry him through the dangerous game of The Running Man .

Skill Set: Aside from being impossibly tough, Richards is ruthless and his quip game is on point. He doesn't let one of his targets go by without dishing a searing burn for the viewers at home.

Greatest Feat of Strength: Every fight Richards gets into is pretty cool, but his greatest feat of strength comes when he faces "Buzzsaw," a stalker whose whole thing is using a chainsaw. Richards overpowers Buzzsaw and eventually cuts him in half in the worst possible way.

Weakest Moment: After breaking out of the forced labor camp, Richards assaults musician Amber Mendez, which is plain wrong.

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Douglas Quaid is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The Most Powerful Arnold Schwarzeneggers In Arnold Schwarzenegger History
Photo: Total Recall/TriStar Pictures

Who Is Your Arnold, And What Does He Do? In Total Recall, Quaid is a man who goes into the Rekall company to have vacation memories implanted, then wakes up in the middle of a galactic conspiracy. He doesn't know what's real and what's fake, but he knows he needs to get his butt to Mars.

Skill Set: Quaid is athletic, but he's not a superspy or anything. That said, he's good with a side arm and knows how to throw a punch or two.

Greatest Feat of Strength: After falling out of the containment area into the Mars desert, he's so strong that he survives the lack of atmosphere on the red planet and drags himself back inside even after multiple characters have already exploded.

Weakest Moment: After returning home from Rekall, Quaid gets his clock cleaned by his wife - or the woman he thought was his wife - before he finally subdues her via workout clothing and futuristic side arm.

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Jack Slater
Jack Slater is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The Most Powerful Arnold Schwarzeneggers In Arnold Schwarzenegger History
Photo: Last Action Hero/Columbia Pictures

Who Is Your Arnold, And What Does He Do? An LAPD detective, Jack Slater is the fictional cop in Last Action Hero, inside another movie, who has to team up with an action movie-loving teenage boy to investigate the mobster Tony Vivaldi.

Skill Set: In his fictional world, Slater is the coolest of the cool. There's nothing he can't do, whether it's driving, opening fire, driving backwards, or just investigating bad guys. (Also: Shakespeare.)

Greatest Feat of Strength: Falling cowboy boot-first onto an outdoor glass elevator before firing his way through - and diving out of the way of - a helicopter. That, or electrifying an entire roof during a rainstorm and managing to lean ever so slightly over the side of a building so he doesn't get electrocuted.

Weakest Moment: When Slater arrives in the real world he finds out he's incredibly mortal - and that he's not the super cop he believed himself to be. After he's fired upon at a movie premiere, he nearly bleeds out before making it back into the warm bosom of his natural cinematic world.

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