The 20 Strongest 'Attack On Titan' Characters, Ranked

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Attack on Titan is a cultural phenomenon for a lot of reasons, and one of them is how powerful the characters manage to be without seeming implausibly OP. This results in some truly memorable fight scenes

Some of these characters are the strongest Titans in Attack on Titan. Characters like Eren and Reiner transform into Titans, which gives them significant boosts in strength and a wide range of extra powers. But there are also some absurdly powerful characters who rely solely on their own bodies, like Mikasa and Levi.  

Who is truly the strongest character in Attack on Titan? That's up to you.

For fans who aren't caught up with the anime's final season, there are major spoilers on this list.

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    Levi Ackerman
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    Levi is ridiculously strong, and has been since he was an orphan learning knife-fighting from his serial killer uncle. His combat skills are literally off the charts - he ranks an 11/10. He's strong and agile enough to slay hundreds of pure Titans, and has managed to do serious damage to Titans like the Female Titan and the Beast Titan - the latter of which he destroyed completely after several encounters. He's an absolute master of the ODM gear, and can even wield a freaking sword. 

    Besides all of that physical strength, he also possesses one supernatural ability - the awakened power of the Ackerman clan. This gives him a clear idea of what he needs to do in order to get to the future that he wants, and helps him avoid things like having his memory wiped.

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  • Mikasa Ackerman
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    Mikasa is known for her brute strength. In fact, she's said to be as valuable as 100 average soldiers. As a child, she and Eren annihilated a group of adult kidnappers. She probably would never have done this on her own, but she did possess the physical strength for it. 

    What she didn't have was the recklessness. Eren did, and that was exactly why she needed to be strong - to protect him in case he got into trouble. She trained herself to be able to lift not only Eren, but also a ton of equipment, and run for long distances while doing so. Whether she has the emotional strength to stop him from fulfilling his terrible plans is another question.

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    Eren Jaeger
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    When we first meet Eren Jaeger, he's a helpless little kid watching his mother get eaten by a Titan. As we now know, his future self set that situation up intentionally in order to set the scene for his ultimate goal - destroying every non-Eldian on Earth. 

    He was able to do this using the Attack Titan, which inherits the future memories of all of its future users. The Attack Titan does more than that - it's also incredibly strong, and capable of great endurance, quick regeneration, and effective hardening. 

    Over time, Eren also collects the Founding Titan and the War Hammer Titan. The War Hammer Titan lets him create a wide range of weapons and structures that can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. The Founding Titan allows him to control the actions of the Wall Titans and telepathically communicate with the subjects of Ymir. It is this power that makes him potentially capable of destroying the world. 

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    Ymir Fritz

    Ymir Fritz
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    Ymir Fritz is never seen fighting, but she's so powerful that she may as well be a god. She's the first person to obtain the Power of the Titans, and she eventually became the source of every Titan that was ever created. When a person invokes a Titan transformation, she creates that Titan out of sand. When they need to regenerate, she rebuilds their bodies. She can create literally anything, even metaphorical things like a vow not to wage war.

    Ymir can also fully control the actions of other Titans - she's the source of the Founding Titan's powers. But Ymir spent her entire life as a slave to the royal family, and she carried that mentality with her into eternity. This means that she'll only listen to the demands of the royal family, and she'll do what they say in most cases. 

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    Kenny Ackerman

    Kenny Ackerman
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    Kenny Ackerman taught his nephew Levi all the skills he had at the start of his life, from escaping danger to holding one's own in a knife fight. His own fighting skills are enough to give a grown Levi a serious challenge. 

    He uses what he calls anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment - essentially the same as what the Survey Corps use to move easily between buildings, but equipped with guns because he plans to end humans, not Titans. 

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    Reiner Braun

    Reiner Braun
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    While Reiner Braun wasn't initially seen as all that strong as a child, he's made amazing strides over the course of the series. He's not exactly happy about it - his strength put him in extremely traumatic situations that caused him to break down psychologically - but it's also why he's still alive.

    He's the Armored Titan, which means that in addition to possessing standard Titan abilities like regeneration and enhanced speed and strength, he also has exceptional hardening capabilities that go beyond what other Titans possess. He can also control his body with extreme proficiency - he can stop himself from automatically regenerating in order to avoid suspicion, and he can transfer his brain function to the rest of his body in order to avoid losing his life to a blow to the head. 

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