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The Strongest Characters In 'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' Ranked

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Who are the strongest characters of Avatar: The Airbender? Among the four elemental nations, there is no shortage of incredible benders who possess amazing fighting skills, and warriors who knew how to carry their own. Obviously, Aang and his friends in Team Avatar are clear candidates. Not to mention prince Zuko of the Fire Nation and his tea-sipping uncle. However, there are a lot of great secondary characters who showcased unbelievable fighting skills throughout the show. Characters like the unforgettable King Bumi, or the sensational Kyoshi. Even the spirit monsters like the Hei Bai deserve their own recognition. 

Whether they were the leading stars or one-time challengers, here are the strongest characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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    Uncle Iroh

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    Everyone remembers Iroh as Zuko’s lovable uncle, but there’s more to this old-timer than his deep affection for tea. During his younger days, Iroh was a general for the Fire Nation who led many successful battles during the Hundred Year War. One of Iroh’s greatest accomplishment was breaching the Outer Wall of Bai Sing Se during the Siege of Ba Sing Se. However, the Siege of Ba Sing Se resulted in the death of his son, which pushed Iroh away from war and onto the road of pacifism. With that said, Iroh was still able to get an upper hand on anyone in battle, such as escaping from a group of earthbenders in the nude, or disarming a robber and persuading him to a better path in life. Of course, Iroh’s most famous moment in Avatar: The Last Airbender was his prison breakout, where he pretended to be senile until he buffed himself enough to escape captivity from the Fire Nation.

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    Toph Beifong is one character you’ll never have to feel sorry for. Even though she was born blind, her incredible earthbending skills has allowed her to see the world without her eyes. She is also incredibly skilled as a fighter, despite being only a child. Toph demonstrated great skill as an earthbender by winning numerous underground tournaments, before leaving it behind to teach Aang. On top of being a prodigy earthbender, Toph discovered the ability to bend metal and could manipulate it to create an armor of metal, similarly to manipulating earth.

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    As the hero of the show, Aang was an extraordinary Avatar who possessed many great skills as a bender. It goes without saying that Aang’s airbending skills was one of his greatest strengths, but his mastery of the other elementals, such as earthbending and waterbending, led to some impressive action scenes against the Fire Nation and prince Zuko himself. Of course, Aang’s most standout example of power was his initiation of the Avatar State, which unleashed a magnitude of raw power whenever the Avatar could no longer control his anger. And, as demonstrated in his final battle with the Fire Lord, Aang having the ability to remove one’s bending abilities was a real game-changer. Based on all this, it’s hard to believe Aang’s a pacifist.

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    Unlike Aang and Roku, Avatar Kyoshi had no qualm with killing her enemies to maintain order and peace. Kyoshi’s lack of empathy for her enemies were shaped by the abandonment of her criminal parents; witnessing the death of her friends, who protected her when Kyoshi’s identity as the Avatar became public, and having to put down a former friend who went mad after everyone lied about him being the Avatar. Like many Avatars before her and after, Kyoshi mastered the four elements of bending, with fire and air being her strongest points. She was also able to achieve the Avatar State at age 16 and used its power to separate her home peninsula from the Earth Kingdom mainland and pushed it out to sea, creating Kyoshi Island.

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