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Every member of Asta's squad is strong, but which one of them is truly the strongest Black Bull? 

In some ways, that's subjective, but if you asked most people to list the strongest Black Bull members in Black Clover, they'd probably place the captain, Yami Sukehiro, toward the top of the list. Asta's anti-magic, Devil possession, and swordsmanship also make him a formidable foe. But what about Noelle and her water magic? With so many incredible mages in one place, it's just so hard to choose.

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    Naturally, the Black Bull captain is among its strongest members. Not only is Yami super strong, super fast, and super durable, he has a whole host of incredible abilities. He's got a ton of innate magic, which was only increased after the Qliphoth Advent Ritual. He can control all the mana in the area, enhancing his own powers, as well as perceive hidden people and attacks using ki. He's also an expert swordsman.

    His magic specialty is Dark Magic. He generates and controls darkness using his katana. He can also absorb and nullify other forms of magic. This is most effective against Light Magic.

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    At first, no one thought that Asta could fight at all - after all, he didn't have any magical potential. But that's exactly why he's able to use Anti-Magic, a powerful ability that nullifies all magic. Magic Users can't touch it or they'll be drained of their power, but for Asta it's one of the best tools he has. He's also an expert swordsman who excels at hand-to-hand combat.

    After forming a contract with a Devil named Liebe to share power equally, he's able to harness Liebe's demonic abilities and energy. He's come a long way from the orphan kid chasing after Sister Lily!

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    As the Vice Captain of the Black Bulls, Nacht Faust is among its most powerful members. He's possessed by four mid-rank devils: Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and Walgner. He can summon them to fight on his behalf, or merge with them to enhance his own powers. His powers mostly revolve around Shadow Magic. This lets him trap people who get in contact with shadows, merge with shadows, and manipulate them to his liking. 

    He also possesses remarkable endurance - he once kept fighting two extremely strong Devils despite having his body stabbed with countless burning ice needles.

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    Luck Voltia is a master of all things lightning. He can generate and manipulate lightning and electricity, and can even control actual lightning from the clouds. His powers are amped up by the presence of Lufulu, an elf who was reincarnated into his body and who sometimes takes control during battles.

    He's super fast and adept at hand-to-hand combat. With some training, he learned to use the Mana Method, a Heart Kingdom technique that involves using mana to form runes that instruct and control magic.

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  • Because Charmy is a dwarf-human hybrid, she possesses two forms of magic - Cotton Magic and Food Magic. Cotton Magic lets her create and control cotton. This can involve creating floating cotton platforms to transport herself and her allies, or creating cotton animals that fight on her behalf.

    Food Magic lets her absorb other people's magic and convert it into magic of her own. Her mana dramatically increases when she's angry or when there's food around. 

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    At first, Noelle Silva has some serious trouble with controlling her powers. For this reason, her family sees her as weak, and a disappointment. But Noelle eventually proves herself quite capable of using and controlling her water magic.

    She's strong enough to shake the Seabed Temple and create gigantic spheres of water that can be launched at opponents. She can also summon Undine, a water spirit who helps her out during battle.

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