The 20 Strongest ‘Black Clover’ Characters, Ranked

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Asta might be the protagonist - but is he the strongest in Black Clover? Maybe, but he's got some stiff competition. Let's rank the top 20 strongest Black Clover characters!

There's Zagred, a devil who can manipulate the world around him through speech. There's Mereoleona Vermillion, whose firepower and aggressive fighting style is a major challenge to any warrior. There's Patolli, whose Light Magic only improves when it's corrupted by the underworld. And of course, there's Asta's rival and childhood friend Yuno, whose potential for Wind Magic skyrockets when he gets a grimoire. 

Who is truly the strongest? That's up to you.

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    As the 28th Magic Emperor, Julius Novachrono has been recognized for his immense power. He uses Time Magic, which lets him speed up, slow down, or even reverse time. Reversing it is especially useful, since it allows him to reverse serious injuries sustained by himself and his allies. He can also trap his opponents in an infinite time loop.

    Using Transformation Magic, he can alter his appearance so that he looks like a completely different person. This isn't really used for fights - it's most useful for not drawing attention to himself as he walks around town. 

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    As the first captain of the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad, Yami has to be strong. Aside from general badassery in speed, endurance, durability, and raw physical strength, he's also an incredible swordsman.

    He uses his ample supply of mana to perform Dark Magic, which allows him to channel the power of darkness. He usually does this through his sword. This rare magic can absorb other forms of magic, making it impossible for most opponents to damage him at all. If that fails, he can use Ki, which lets him perceive and defend against oncoming strikes. 

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  • Fire Magic is straightforwardly awesome, and Mereoleona Vermillion is able to use it with ease. She can shape flames to her will, often opting for the shape of a lion's paw. She can also use Reinforcement Magic to protect herself from the effects of fire, which means she's feeling just fine even when she's bathing in literal lava.

    She's also a master of hand-to-hand combat who can use her impressive speed, strength, and endurance to win most fights. She can sense mana, and even control all the mana in a given area - including her own, which is significant.

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    Asta might not be able to use magic, but that doesn't mean he's not strong. Instead, he uses Anti-Magic, a unique ability that lets him nullify other people's magic by literally consuming it. He's also connected to Liebe, a devil who he can fuse with to gain additional strength.

    Anti-Magic and devil stuff aside, he's an expert swordsman who is jacked from intense workouts. Not bad for a guy who starts out hopeless. 

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    Lemiel Silvamillion Clover

    Lemiel Silvamillion Clover was the first person to be declared Magic Emperor, and he's just as strong as you'd expect from that distinction.

    He primarily uses Light Magic, which lets him create and manipulate light itself. He often fights by using weapons made of light or with flashes. Also, he can move at the speed of light by flying on top of a beam of it, making him nearly impossible to keep up with. 

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  • Even before he got a grimoire, Yuno could use Wind Magic. His grimoire greatly increased what he was able to do, allowing him to create powerful whirlwinds that could be used to knock out opponents and to travel. He also learned to summon a wind spirit named Sylph to help him fight. When the two are in 100% resonance, they achieve Saint Stage, which is capable of destroying devils and purifying evil.

    He can also use Star Magic, which lets him create barriers out of light, fire light beams, teleport between stars, and create and control stars. No wonder he was considered a genius. 

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