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Ranking Every Chakra Nature In Naruto Strongest to Weakest

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In the world of Naruto, chakra is divided into five basic elements: water, fire, lightning, wind, and earth. There are also two non-elemental varieties, yin and yang. Each person is born with an affinity for one or more, which determines what kinds of jutsu will be easiest for them to master. Which one you'll be born with is largely luck of the draw, though it also bears a strong genetic component. A person can use jutsu outside of their base nature, but learning these techniques is challenging. A rare few people are able to use kekkai genkai or kekkai tota, a genetic abnormality that allows them to combine multiple elements to create new techniques. These include Ice Release, Lava Release, and more. 

Which are the strongest chakra natures? It's hard to say. So much depends on how one uses their nature. But it is true that some have more potential than others - Yin-Yang Release lets its users perform moves that are almost godlike.

Vote up the chakra nature you'd most want to have. 

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    Yin–Yang Release

    Yin–Yang Release combines Yin (spiritual) and Yang (physical) chakras to create some of the most powerful jutsu that exists, period. Hagoromo was able to use it to split the Ten Tails into the Nine-Tailed Beasts. It can also be used to perform dramatic healing feats: when Hagoromo transfers the ability to Naruto Uzumaki, he's able to save Might Guy's life after he opened the Eighth Gate and used a dangerous, forbidden technique called Night Guy.

    Finally, Yin–Yang Release can be used to nullify the impact of any jutsu. It's through combining their yin chakra and yang chakra that Naruto and Sasuke are finally able to seal away Kaguya. 

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    Yang Release

    Unlike most forms of release techniques, Yang Release isn't based on the elements. Instead, it refers to vitality and energy. All of the power Naruto Uzumaki gets from the Nine Tailed Fox actually comes for its Yang chakra, since Minato split its chakra in two and only sealed the Yang half into Naruto. Yang chakra is also used by the Akimichi clan to increase the size of their bodies. 

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    Dust Release

    Dust Release is the only known kekkei tōta, an advanced type of jutsu that combines three chakra natures. In Dust Release's case, the three are earth, wind, and fire. Using this ability, Onoki creates a shape such as a cube or a sphere, which disintengrates whatever it touches. 

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    Yin Release

    Yin Release is one of the few non-elemental forms of chakra release in the Naruto universe, and it exists as a counterpart of Yin Release. It controls the imagination, which is why most forms of genjutsu can be classified as Yin Release. It's also notably used by the Nara clan, who use shadow-based techniques. 

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