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Ranking Every Chakra Nature In Naruto Strongest to Weakest

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In the world of Naruto, chakra is divided into five basic elements: water, fire, lightning, wind, and earth. There are also two non-elemental varieties, yin and yang. Each person is born with an affinity for one or more, which determines what kinds of jutsu will be easiest for them to master. Which one you'll be born with is largely luck of the draw, though it also bears a strong genetic component. A person can use jutsu outside of their base nature, but learning these techniques is challenging. A rare few people are able to use kekkai genkai or kekkai tota, a genetic abnormality that allows them to combine multiple elements to create new techniques. These include Ice Release, Lava Release, and more. 

Which are the strongest chakra natures? It's hard to say. So much depends on how one uses their nature. But it is true that some have more potential than others - Yin-Yang Release lets its users perform moves that are almost godlike.

Vote up the chakra nature you'd most want to have. 

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    Wood Release

    Wood Release is one of the most prized forms of chakra release in Konoha. Originally, one of its only users was Hashirama, and he used it to create the physical foundation for the village itself. Another prominent user is Yamato, who became able to use it because of Hashirama's cells, which were implanted into his body as a child. The technique has a variety of uses, but generally involves the creation and manipulation of wood. It can also control and absorb chakra - Hashirama was able ot use it to control the Tailed Beasts. 

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    Lava Release

    As the name implies, Lava Release involves creating and controlling lava. It's a kekkai genkai that combines Fire Release and Earth release. Each user operates the technique slightly differently - Mei Terumi's version is corrosive, while Kurotsuchi's version uses quicklime and volcanic ash.

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    Storm Release

    Using Storm Release, Darui combines water and lightning chakra release to create powerful bursts of lightning that flow like water. Though Darui is the person the release is most commonly associated with, other shinobi use different forms of it. For example, with Sage Art: Storm Release Light Fang, Madara infuses Storm Release with senjutsu chakra to fire a blade of light from his mouth at impossible speeds. 

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    Ice Release

    Although Ice Release is an incredibly powerful kekkai genkai, it hasn't always resulted in good things for its users. The Yuki clan, which Haku hails from, was heavily persecuted because of it. But it is indeed powerful - Ice Release users can create and manipulate fire-resistant ice that can be used in combat, and can even lower the temperature of the air around them. 

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