The Strongest Characters In The DCEU, Ranked

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Who are the strongest characters in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe)? Here's where you get to decide. Below, you'll find a collection of characters from the world of DC along with a few stats that detail exactly who they are and what they can do. You'll find both heroes and villains alike who wield all manner of extraordinary powers.

From otherworldly beings such as Superman to regular guys with really cool trinkets, whose bad side would you least like to end up on? Whether they're good, evil, or somewhere in between, let the world know which are your picks for the most powerful DC characters of all time!

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    Who He Is: The last son of a dying planet, Kal-El was raised on Earth and gained incredible superpowers from our planet's yellow sun. As Superman, he fights for truth and justice around the world. As his alter ego, Clark Kent, he fights for bylines at the Daily Planet and the affections of fellow reporter Lois Lane.

    What He Can Do: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, hearing, and sight; flight; invulnerability (barring the presence of Kryptonite); heat, telescopic, and X-Ray vision; freeze breath... You name it, Superman can do it.

    His Strongest Moment: Taking down the entire Justice League, and then a New God.

    His Weakest Moment: Being beaten up by a middle-aged billionaire.

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    Wonder Woman
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    Who She Is: Before she was known as Wonder Woman, she was Diana of Themyscira, the daughter of Zeus and the Queen of the Amazons. Diana was raised by her fellow Amazons, a group of warrior women tasked with fighting Ares. Diana ultimately left the island paradise to prevent Ares from further spreading destruction across the planet. Through her efforts, she became the world's first superhero. 

    What She Can Do: Wonder Woman is a highly trained Amazon warrior who has no problem leaping tall buildings in a single bound. As a demigod, her strength appears to be on par with Superman's, and she ages much slower than the average human. She's also got a pair of super cool accessories: her Bracelets of Submission and her magical lasso, which can compel anyone to tell the truth.   

    Her Strongest Moment: Telling Ares where he can shove it by defeating him in an epic fight. 

    Her Weakest Moment: Giving up the superhero life for the better part of a century following the demise of Steve Trevor. But hey, we all need a little breathing room every now and then. 

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    What It Is: As you can see, beauty is not one of Doomsday's greatest assets. In Batman vs. Superman, the monster is created by Lex Luthor using Kryptonian technology, the cadaver of General Zod, and Luthor's own DNA. 

    What It Can Do: Possessing a complete lack of conscience and rational thought, this thing more or less has one ultimate objective: wipe out everything in its path. Doomsday's abilities include a whole new level of superhuman strength, X-ray vision, and regeneration. 

    Its Strongest Moment: When Doomsday proves itself mightier than Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman combined. 

    Its Weakest Moment: Getting taken out by Superman.

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    Who He Is: On the surface, Billy Batson is a streetwise 14-year-old foster kid. After being deemed pure of heart by an ancient wizard called Shazam, Billy is given the power to transform into an adult superhero by simply calling the wizard's name. He's soon faced with the challenge of mastering his powers in order to defeat the evil Thaddeus Sivana, who is set on releasing the seven deadly sins on the world. 

    What He Can Do: In his superhero form, Shazam can manipulate electricity, move at superhuman speeds, and fly. He's also super strong and nearly invulnerable.

    His Strongest Moment: Sharing his powers with his foster siblings in order to defeat seven demons. 

    His Weakest Moment: Initially using his powers to buy beer, make money, and gain online fame. 

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    Who He Is: Barry Allen, once an unassuming CSI student, was changed forever after being hit by lightning and doused in a mixture of strange chemicals. Now known as the Flash, he is the world's fastest man. In the midst of his mission to clear his wrongfully convicted father's name, he is recruited to the Justice League by Bruce Wayne.  

    What He Can Do: The upper limit of Flash's speed has yet to be tested, but he's at least fast enough to run easily across water and up the sides of buildings. The speedster also boasts superhuman stamina and dexterity.

    His Strongest Moment: Becoming fast enough to travel through time.

    His Weakest Moment: Almost chickening out of a fight. (A pep talk from Batman sorted him out, though.)

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    Who He Is: Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman, was born the son of a human lighthouse keeper and the Queen of Atlantis. He first joins the Justice League to help stop Steppenwolf, then returns to the sea to take on his crafty half-brother, Orm. 

    What He Can Do: His Atlantean heritage gives him the strength to withstand the pressure of the deepest ocean as well as the ability to breathe underwater and communicate with sea life.

    His Strongest Moment: Retrieving the Trident of Atlan and becoming king of the seven seas - though he would probably say rescuing his mom from exile was the real victory.

    His Weakest Moment: His duel with Orm in the Ring of Fire could have gone better.

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