The Most Powerful Characters From 'The Sandman' According To The Comics

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The world of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman is a place where imagination knows no bounds. From fairy tale magic to omnipotent beings, there are endless (pardon the pun) characters to explore and find out more about. Each one of them plays an essential role in the epic series, helping to shape the storylines and leave their indisputable mark on readers.

When it comes to power, looks can be deceiving. Some of them are more powerful than deities, while others require a little assistance to show off their abilities. In some cases, it's neck-and-neck between them, and it's hard to pick who holds the advantage.

So let's take a closer look at the most powerful characters from The Sandman, and don't forget to vote for those who are the real powerhouses of the series.


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    Who She Is: The kind and benevolent personification of Death, who loves and lives for her job. In terms of her siblings, she's closest to Dream, as he often confides in her.

    What She Does: She isn't simply the grim reaper. Instead, she gives the first breath of life, then comes and takes the people away when it's their time.

    Her Powers: Having the ability to give and take life, Death might be the most powerful of the Endless. She is omnipresent, immortal, and capable of being anywhere at anytime. More importantly, she has the ability to see the future, which is how she knows when everyone will perish. 

    Her Greatest Comic Feat: The Three, or the Furies, have no fear of any of the Endless except for Death. In an encounter, Death doesn't even use her powers to deal with the Furies; she merely raises her voice and they cower in fear of her. Now, that's real power.

  • Lucifer Morningstar
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    Who He Is: The charismatic and devilish fallen angel who ruled Hell once upon a time. He is also described as one of the most beautiful angels to have ever existed.

    What He Does: Lucifer holds a grudge against Dream for embarrassing him amongst his legion. He eventually grows tired of Hell and all its impish business, moving to Los Angeles for better sunshine and music.

    His Powers: He is omnipotent, with no limit to his powers or what he can do. Even Dream admits to being afraid when he steps into Lucifer's domain.

    His Greatest Comic Feat: He is credited as one of the creators of DC's entire multiverse. Hopefully, he's getting paid royalties for his contributions to the DCEU.

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    Who He Is: As one of the seven Endless, Dream serves as the main character in The Sandman as he struggles to understand the changing world around him (relatable, right?). He goes by many monikers including Morpheus, Kai'ckul, and the Sandman.

    What He Does: The one true ruler of the Dreaming. He is the lord over dreams, nightmares, and stories.

    His Powers: Dream holds control over all dreams and nightmares. From shapeshifting to teleportation, this means he can enter anyone's thoughts and show them their greatest wish or their most horrific nightmare. It's best to not get on his bad side.

    His Greatest Comic Feat: His ability to rebuild dreams and nightmares, such as the Corinthian. If he finds there is a flaw in his creation, he's capable of destroying and starting from scratch as if he's messing around with Play-Doh.

  • John Constantine
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    Who He Is: If swearing and smoking were Olympic sports, John Constantine would have multiple gold medals. While he might be cynical and sarcastic at the best of times, that never gets in the way of his ability to solve occult mysteries. In Netflix's The Sandman series, Jenna Coleman plays a version of the character called Johanna Constantine.

    What He Does: He uses his magical powers and know-how of the occult to help others - something he doesn't freely admit to.

    His Powers: Constantine is well versed in the art of magic, even the darker side. He's able to conjure spells, speak to demons, and even teleport across dimensions. 

    His Greatest Comic Feat: After developing lung cancer, he figures out a way to cure himself by tricking the forces of Hell into a standoff over his soul. Rather than bicker about who owns Constantine and affect the balance of power in Hell, they decide to cure him. Best part? He flips them off after he's recovered.