The 15 Strongest Clans In The Naruto Franchise, Ranked

In the world of Naruto, many of the most powerful ninja are members of clans. Some clans, like the Hyuuga clan, specialize in a set of very specific genetically based abilities, while others, like the Senju clan, are generally strong but have a wide range of powers. 

This list focuses on clans, not just families or individuals. Clans are families, but they can also be political associations with multiple interconnected families, and they tend to have some level of status within their communities. That means that some incredibly powerful ninja won't be appearing on this list. 

With that in mind, who are the strongest clans in Naruto? The strongest of them all is probably the Otsutsuki clan - they created chakra as a whole, can travel through dimensions, and created the moon incidentally. But other clans like the Uchiha clan are pretty strong themselves, even if they don't rise to the level of godhood. Vote up the clans you think are the strongest, and vote down the ones you think need to do better. 


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    The Otsutsuki clan is a group of inter-dimensional beings who travel from planet to planet, planting God Trees and draining the inhabitants of their chakra. Kaguya Ootsutsuki is actually the first chakra user in the universe, a trait that she passed on to other members of the clan. However, she wanted all the chakra for herself, and took it at the expense of countless lives. That's why her sons had to seal her away - a process that literally created the moon, among other things.

    Kaguya, as well as other members of the Otsutsuki clan, have been the godlike forces behind many of the major problems faced in Naruto - especially the final arc. And many of the powers of the other characters come from the Otsutsuki clan as well: the Byakugan, the Sharingan, the Rinnegan, and several other techniques all have their roots there. While the members have always been beatable, they've posed momentous challenges for the protagonists thanks to their godlike powers.

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    Along with the Uchiha clan, the Senjuu clan helped found Konohagakure. Three of its members have been named as hokage, including Hashirama, Tobirama, and more recently, Tsunade. Throughout their history, they were frequently at odds with the Uchiha clan. 

    Their clan doesn't focus on a single skill - instead, they're known as the "the clan with a thousand skills" with members mastering taijutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu, and more. However, they are known for Hashirama's Wood Release kekkai genkai. 

    The Senju clan is no longer active - rather, they're an important part of Konoha history. 

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    The Uchiha clan is known for their powerful sharingand eye, which allows them to copy other people's techniques, and enhances their visual abilities. Once upgraded to the mangekyo sharingan, it can perform a wide range of techniques like Ameterasu (fire that never stops burning), Susano-oo (an impenetrable defense), Kamui (a time-space continuum jutsu) and Tsukuyomi (a powerful genjutsu technique).

    Sadly, all of this potential made them into targets. Both because he feared what would happen if they ever attempted a power-grab and because he wanted their Sharingan for himself, Danzo Shimura forced Itachi Uchiha to wipe out most of the clan, leaving few survivors. 

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    The Uzumaki clan once resided in a village called Uzushiogakure. They had an alliance with the Senju clan, and many members intermarried. 

    The clan was mostly wiped out after several nations banded together to destroy their village. They did this because they feared their power: that power involved incredible skill at fuinjutsu (sealing techniques) and an almost limitless chakra reserve. Also, several members of the clan have had the Nine Tailed Fox sealed inside of them, including Mito, Kushina, and Naruto, a feat only made possible by their intense chakra strength. 

    Its members scattered throughout the world, with Kushina living in Konoha and eventually having a son there, Nagato growing up outside of Amegakure, and so on.