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Every Member of Class 1-B In MHA Ranked Strongest To Weakest

Class 1-A isn't the only U.A. class full of promising would-be heroes. While Class 1-B doesn't get nearly as much attention, many of its members are just as strong, if not stronger, than their counterparts in the spotlight.  

Who are the strongest Class 1-B students? With so much raw talent, it's hard to pick just one. There's Neito Monoma, whose rude attitude doesn't detract from his incredible Copy quirk, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, whose Steel quirk easily rivals Eijiro Kirishima's Hardening, Itsuka Kendo's super strong Big Fist quirk, and plenty more. 

Vote up the 1-B students who you think are hero material, and vote down the ones you think need a lot more work.

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    Ibara Shiozaki

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    Most of Ibara Shiozaki's attack names have their roots in religious imagery, but the real roots are the physical vines sprouting from her head. Using her vines, she's able to bind opponents, create defensive walls, and use them as whips. They also neutralize electricity, as Ibara demonstrates when she wins a fight against Denki Kaminari. 

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    Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

    Both in personality and in power, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu is Class 1-B's answer to Eijiro Kirishima - he's just a little bit less cheerful. His quirk, Steel, lets him transform his skin into steel. This dramatically increases both his physical strength and his defensive capabilities, as well as offering resistance to heat and cold. Heat can be tricky though - too much heat, and his steel skin could melt. 

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    Neito Monoma

    It seems like Neito Monoma's only role is to antagonize Class 1-A, but he actually has some serious skills. His quirk, Copy, lets him replicate up to four quirks at a time, and use them to their full extent for about ten minutes. He's limited by his own physical strength and body - he wouldn't be able to, for example, replicate Ojiro's Tail quirk since he doesn't have a tail. He also can't copy attacks like One For All that require stored power. But even with these limits, it's clear that his quirk has a ton of potential. 

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    Juzo Honenuki

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    Like Setsuna Tokage, Juzo Honenuki entered U.A. as a recommended student, which means that he's been recognized for his strength and intelligence. Like Pony Tsunetori, he's fluent in both English and Japanese, which gives his communication skills a boost. 

    His quirk, Softening does exactly what it says on the tin. Any nonliving thing he touches becomes soft - which means that a hardwood floor can easily turn into something like quicksand. He can easily handle the softened ground through swimming, but his unsuspecting opponents might not get off so easy. He can undo his quirk by touching the same object again.