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The 15 Strongest Dads of Shonen Protagonists, Ranked by Power

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For every awesome shonen protagonist, there's an equally badass dad standing behind him. Okay, that's not exactly true - there are plenty of shonen protagonists who don't have dads or have dads who are totally ordinary. That said, it's a common trope for shonen heroes to have super powerful fathers. 

Some of the strongest dads of shonen protagonists have great relationships with their kids - Isshin Kurosaki seems to get along pretty well with his son Ichigo, and for all of Boruto's angst about his father's job, they do have a loving relationship. But in most cases, these shonen dads are absent from their kids' lives for quite a while. Sometimes it's because they're too preoccupied with their own business to actually raise their kids - Ging Freecs from Hunter x Hunter is a prime example of that phenomenon. Sometimes it's because they passed away - that's the tragic truth behind Minato Uzumaki. And sometimes they're just straight-up terrible fathers - Yujiro Hanma might be tremendously strong, but a good dad he is not.

Which of these powerful dads made the biggest impression on you?

  • In the Boruto timeline, Naruto isn't a kid anymore. Now that he's a grown man, he's a husband and father - and he's also the hokage, the most powerful ninja in all of Konoha. His son Boruto doesn't love love his dad's job - instead, he finds it super annoying that his dad has to spend so much time at work, and that everyone in the village thinks so highly of him.

    But there's a good reason why the people of Konoha respect Naruto, and part of that is because of his strength. We won't get into everything he can do, but here's the quick run-down. Thanks to the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed inside him, Naruto has access to a nearly unlimited amount of chakra, and is eventually able to use most of the fox's powers himself. He can also use various forms of Rasengan, a powerful spinning ball of energy that can be hurled at his opponents, and Sage Mode, which lets him siphon energy from the natural world. That's just a taste of his overall strength.

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  • As the former Hokage, Minato Namikaze was recognized as one of the most powerful ninja in Konoha. Through his combination of superior intelligence, unmatched speed, and jutsu proficiency, he's been able to accomplish incredible feats like taking down a thousand-man army from Iwagakure, and protecting his village from the Nine Tails' attack.

    While he's capable of plenty of moves ranging from Rasengan to the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, he's best known for the Flying Thunder God Technique. This technique allows him to instantly teleport to any location that he previously marked with a chakra seal. This extreme speed is what led to his nickname - the Yellow Flash. 

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  • Monkey D. Dragon is the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army. His mission is to overthrow the World Government, and his efforts have earned him the heady moniker of 'World's Worst Criminal."

    It's not clear what kind of Devil Fruit power he has, but fans have plenty of theories based on the motifs and imagery that surround him, especially the blasts of wind that tend to appear in his presence. But regardless of what kind of supernatural power he does or doesn't have, it's still clear from his deeds that he's physically powerful and has incredible endurance. With a father whose reputation is so powerful, Luffy has a lot to live up to - but he's a lot more interested in making a name for himself without his dad. 

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  • As the former captain of the 10th Division, Isshin Kurosaki was once a powerful and respected Shinigami. As a Shinigami, he was a skilled swordsman with incredible strength, intense durability, and mastery of arts like shunpo, hakuda, and kido. Most notable was his Zanpakutō, Engetsu. Engetsu allows him to use his Shinkai, which unleashes a blade of fire from his sword. He also has a Bankai, but its true nature is never revealed: all we know is that it's something that puts a lot of strain on his body. 

    After an incident involving his wife that we won't get into right now, he ended up stuck in the human realm, where he raised three children and became a doctor. But while his role as a Shinigami has receded, he still helps Ichigo out when he can. 

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