The 25 Strongest ‘Demon Slayer’ Characters, Ranked

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One of the things that makes Demon Slayer so exciting is the inclusion of outrageously strong characters. Protagonist Tanjiro Kamado starts off weak, but through extensive training, he manages to defeat some high-ranking demons while working alongside his demon sister Nezuko. She's no slouch, either - but where do the Kamado siblings rank amongst the most powerful Demon Slayer characters? 

From the strongest demons like Muzan Kibutsuji to the strongest Hashira like Giyu Tomioka, the Kamados have some stiff competition. 

If you're an anime-only Demon Slayer fan, be aware that this list will contain spoilers. There will be mighty characters who have yet to appear outside the manga on this list. Proceed with caution.

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    Yoriichi Tsugikuni

    Yoriichi Tsugikuni
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    Said to be the strongest Demon Slayer in history, Yoriichi Tsugikuni had the power to back up that claim. He was responsible for creating Breathing Techniques as a whole, but his own specialty was Sun Breathing. While all its forms are powerful, the 13th, which combined all the previous 12 in rapid succession, was the most impressive. This move was meant to destroy Muzan Kibutsuji, but sadly, it failed.

    He was born with a Demon Slayer Mark and the ability to access the Transparent World. Overall, his abilities were unparalleled. 

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    Muzan Kibutsuji
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    We're a little scared of what Muzan Kibutsuji will do to us if he doesn't rank high on this list. All jokes aside, he's outlandishly strong. He's the first demon ever created, and the progenitor of all demon-kind. He can easily control the demons he created, whether by accessing their memories, forcing them to do things, or placing curses on them that activate when they fail to meet his expectations. He can transform his limbs into whips and barbed wires, heal and regenerate himself at will, possess people, or simply beat the heck out of them.

    Essentially, he's operating on the level of a god, and anyone who thinks they can defeat him is putting themselves at risk. 

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    Given that Kokushibo is the Upper Rank One, you can probably guess that this multi-eyed demon boasts terrifying strength. Besides Muzan Kibutsuji, he's the strongest demon of all. Originally a Demon Slayer, he was the first demon to utilize Breathing Techniques, and the first to possess a Demon Slayer Mark. His technique, called Moon Breathing, let him attack his opponents using moon-like sickles. Besides that, he possesess multiple extrasensory abilities as well as ungodly strength and endurance. He can form swords from his own flesh and transform into a literal monster. He's also a master at Total Concentration Breathing.

    The fact that he was once a Demon Slayer himself is perhaps his biggest advantage, since he can anticipate many of their strategies. 

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    Gyomei Himejima
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    As the Stone Hashira, Gyomei Himejima utilizes Stone Breathing, a technique that combines his superhuman hearing with his outrageous physical strength to attack targets with a spiked flail and ax. His incredible hearing helps him navigate his surroundings more effectively than most people who aren't blind can. He pioneered a technique called Repetitive Action, which is similar to Total Concentration Breathing in that it allows the user to enhance their abilities.

    His strength, speed, and endurance also shoot up when he activates his Demon Slayer Mark. 

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    As the Upper Rank Two, it's safe to say that Doma is the third-strongest demon out there. He easily defeated the powerful Kocho sisters, and was about to take on both Kanao and Inosuke without breaking a sweat. He doesn't just have great stamina - he literally never gets tired. His Blood Demon Art, Cryokinesis, allows him to generate and manipulate razor-sharp, super-cold ice.

    If, for some reason, that's not enough to take down his opponents, he can destroy them with his mastery of a form of martial arts called Tessenjutsu. 

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    Akaza first demonstrated his exceptional strength when defeating Kyojuro Rengoku. Before he became a demon, he was a master of the Soryu Style of martial arts. He combined that with shockwave-generating attacks to create his Blood Demon Art, Destructive Death.

    He possesses extraordinary regenerative abilities, and can sense what he calls someone's "Fighting Spirit" and use that information to quickly adapt his attacks to suit the situation. No wonder he made it to Upper Rank Three.

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