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The 13 Most Powerful Devil Fruit Powers In 'One Piece'

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With over 800 episodes and a vibrant manga, One Piece is one of the most well-known anime. And there are tons of reasons to watch One Piece, and really, you can binge it forever. Set in a world of ships and pirates, this series is full of supernatural elements that help it stand out. 

For example, mystical Devil Fruits grant some characters extraordinary superpowers. However, people who eat these special fruit forfeit their ability to swim at sea. For a pirate, that’s a pretty big trade.

There's a wide variety of Devil Fruits, which means the Straw Hat crew can have a multitude of different abilities. But which fruits are the strongest? Which ones are worth eating despite the bitter aftertaste? While it somewhat boils down to personal preference, there are definitely a few you wouldn't want to encounter. 

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    The Tremor-Tremor Fruit Gives People The Power To Create Earthquakes

    The Tremor-Tremor Fruit Gives People The Power To Create Earthquakes
    Photo: Funimation

    The Tremor-Tremor Fruit is a Paramecia-type; it allows people to create large vibrations or earthquakes.

    Renowned pirate Whitebeard, otherwise known as Edward Newgate, uses it until he dies. Blackbeard uses the Tremor-Tremor too. Both men are able to cause wide-scale destruction with this Devil Fruit.

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  • The Op-Op Fruit Lets Users Manipulate Space
    Photo: Funimation

    The Op-Op Fruit is a Paramecia that's responsible for a number of strange abilities. When Trafalgar Law eats one he receives the power to manipulate space. Law can essentially control everything about an object if he puts it into this strange, gravity-defying spherical space.

    Some characters consider the Op-Op to be the Ultimate Devil Fruit, primarily because those who eat it can become Free Modification Humans.

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    The Dark-Dark Fruit Lets The User Harness Darkness

    Blackbeard, whose true name is Marshall D. Teach, actually eats two different Devil Fruits. Like Whitebeard, he uses the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, but he also ingested the Dark-Dark Fruit.

    It helps him create and control darkness. When the pirate uses this power, the darkness acts like a black hole, consuming and destroying everything.

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  • The Tweet-Tweet Fruit Turns People Into Phoenixes
    Photo: Funimation

    The Tweet-Tweet Fruit may sound adorable, but it's actually very powerful. A Mythical Zone-type fruit, the Tweet-Tweet turns humans into phoenixes.

    Unsurprisingly, it's very rare. Marco, the former first division commander of the White Beard Pirates, eats this fruit and gains wings of flame.

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