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The Most Powerful Dragons In Movie And TV History

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The strongest heroes must face the strongest dragons. This is a constant in stories throughout time, unrestricted by any specific point on the map. Dragons fought the noble knights in medieval lore and the mighty samurai in Japanese folktales. They are among the most dangerous and fearsome foes humankind has ever dreamed up. 

Fans of these beasts know where they can find the best dragons in movies and television. It's one thing to sit around a campfire and hear about dragons, and a completely different thing to watch a dragon come shrieking towards the screen in front of one's own face. Thanks to technological advances, dragons are no longer things of legends and cave paintings.

But which of these mighty dragons is the strongest? 

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    Male Dragon ('Reign of Fire')

    Photo: Reign of Fire / Buena Vista Pictures

    In this depiction of a post-apocalyptic London, dragons reign supreme. After a construction project awakens dragons from hibernation, they descend on Earth and are fought back with nuclear weapons, leading to a global catastrophe. So, in this world, dragons don't just destroy castles - they end the world. The strongest dragon depicted in Reign of Fire is simply known as the Male Dragon, the ultimate hunter amongst them and the only known male of the species. In the film, they plan to slay the male in order to prevent the dragons from further breeding, but he wipes out most of their army and castle before they can take him down. 

    The male dragon is a terrifying foe. Admittedly, his power levels in the film seem a bit inconsistent, seeing how he has a hand in bringing about the apocalypse but is taken out by a single explosive arrow (in the mouth, sure, but still). This dragon is notable for being able to withstand shots and explosives from modern weapons - not just measly swords and arrows. 

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  • Photo: Eragon / 20th Century Fox

    Saphira was a dragon that hatched after finally finding a rider it connected with - a farm boy named Eragon. Eventually, Saphira grew, and together with Eragon, the duo was able to defeat the powerful dark sorcerer Durza. 

    Saphira, like all dragons in Eragon, has the ability to connect telepathically with her rider. This allows for a pitch-perfect level of cooperation not seen in other dragon/human teams. To oversimplify it a bit, Saphira also acts as a magic battery for Eragon, giving him the ability to use her strength for his spells. 

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    Borch the Golden Dragon

    Photo: The Witcher / Netflix

    Borch is a golden dragon who spends his days in the form of a man living amongst humans. He possesses two key qualities that separate him from dragons in other media.

    For one, he is a shapeshifter able to take on a number of different forms. Additionally, Borch is highly intelligent and shown to be a clever strategist who manipulates events to make sure the Witcher can protect a group of dragons from their would-be hunters. 

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  • Photo: Dragonheart / Universal Pictures

    Draco was a large and brilliant dragon whose sacrifice ended the tyrannical king whose life was intrinsically connected with his. Draco was clearly strong, but it was his intelligence that set him apart from other movie dragons.

    With that said, he did have a few unique abilities. For one thing, Draco had a camouflaging ability that allowed him to blend in with his surroundings. His strength and intelligence combined allowed him to survive as the last living dragon. 

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