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The 13 Strongest Earthbenders From 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' And 'The Legend of Korra,' Ranked

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What do you do when you're stuck between a rock and hard place? Nothing - chances are you're fighting an earthbender and you're toast anyway. Earthbenders in Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are the unsung heroes of the two series. With the literal ability to move mountains and the largest-slash-most populous region in the world of Avatar, the Earth Kingdom has the capacity to take over the world with a few good benders.

This is a collection of the strongest earthbenders in the Avatar universe. Are you a fan of the "Blind Bandit" Toph Beifong, or are you more of a fan of Bolin, the wholesome himbo from The Legend of Korra? Vote up who you think are the strongest benders!

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    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    Born blind to aristocratic parents, Toph Beifong is an earthbending prodigy that effectively taught herself the skill (with the help of some giant badgermoles). Toph's training under the badgermoles allowed her to use their unique ability of seismic sense: she used earthbending to "feel" even the most minute vibrations in the earth, including the march of ants several meters away and the presence of trees and buildings, allowing her to visualize her surroundings and "see" the world around her. 

    Toph discovered the ability to bend metal when she was captured by Master Yu and Xin Fu and trapped in a metal box. Because of Toph's ability to feel the vibrations in earth, she was able to locate impurities (small fragments of earth) still found in most metals and manipulate them to "bend" the metal portion. By acquiring these metalbending abilities, Toph had shown herself to be one of the most powerful and ingenious earthbenders in the world.

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    King Bumi

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    Living well beyond 100 years of age, King Bumi was a master earthbender who was one of, if not the best in the world. His bending style was very conservative and stressed waiting for exactly the right moment to strike; however, when the aforementioned moment did come, he demonstrated extremely powerful techniques.

    Bumi could levitate entire houses, extremely large pieces of stone, create fissures with kicks into the ground, turn ordinary dirt into quicksand, quickly tunnel through the ground, and, most extraordinarily, earthbend exclusively with his face with little to no handicap. With rock pillars, Bumi could launch himself or heavy metal objects such as tanks into the air, and once toppled a large metal statue from underneath. 

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    Avatar Kyoshi

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    Kyoshi was an Earth Kingdom-born Avatar that preceded Avatar Roku. She died at age 230 and was an exceptionally tall woman. As the Avatar, Kyoshi was able to bend the four elements at will; however, her most well known feat is rooted in her native bending tradition of earthbending.

    When Chin the Conquerer advanced towards Kyoshi's home village, she entered the Avatar State and split a peninsula from the Earth Kingdom mainland, pushing it out to sea by earthbending a massive fissure, lavabending the crust the peninsula sat upon and (with a little help from some airbending), set her newly created island adrift, ending Chin's reign in the process.

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    Photo: The Legend of Korra / Nickelodeon

    Chief of Republic City's metalbending police force and eldest daughter of Toph Beifong, Lin is an earthbending master that does her mother proud. Like her renowned mother, Lin has mastered earthbending to a similar level. She is able to easily elevate multiple large boulders simultaneously, as well as launch herself high up into the air. 

    Lin has also demonstrated a great mastery over the seismic sense technique, which allows her to detect the layout of the surrounding area and the people within it with great accuracy and detail. Thus, she is easily able to locate subterranean structures, as well as determine with accuracy who is within the general vicinity. Like Toph, Lin's ability is limited without direct skin contact, requiring her to either use her hands or retract the soles on her boots. 

    Lin is especially proficient in the specialized art of metalbending. She is able to rip metal beams or floors from their bearings and single-handedly tear apart an airship's metal hull. For more general use, Lin uses her standard retractable metal cables, which are highly versatile in battle. With them, she is able to perform considerable feats of acrobatics, easily maneuvering around cavernous locations, such as the Pro-bending Arena. She can also fashion them as wrist blades for close-quarters combat. 

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