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The Strongest User For Each Element Release Jutsu In Naruto

October 29, 2020 9.4k votes 1.3k voters 87.1k views15 items

Who is the strongest user for each elemental release type in the world of Naruto? With so many great choices, it's a tough question to answer, but we're going to try.

By necessity, this list is subjective. All five of the main elements have incredible shinobi whose skills are neck and neck. Kisame is undoubtedly one of the greatest water release users out there, but the same applies to Tobirama. Madara can wreak havoc with a fireball, but he faces some stiff competition from other fire-users in the Uchiha clan. So, if you would have chosen someone else for these categories, you're probably not wrong - there's a great case to be made for many of the top users.

Other cases are a little more clear cut - it's hard to imagine anybody arguing that Hashirama isn't the top Wood Release user, and for Scorch Release Pakura isn't just the best choice, she's the only choice. 

Vote up those shinobi who you think stand out in their element, and vote down the ones who you think are second-rate.

  • While some categories are hard to judge, this one isn't. Hashirama is the undisputed king of Wood Release. The only people who are able to use it at all are people who have somehow gotten ahold of his cells. He used it to form the structural basis for Konoha, and if that wasn't enough, he could even use it to restrain Tailed Beasts. No wonder everybody wanted his powers so badly.

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  • The Uchiha clan is known for its high level of proficiency in Fire Release, and nobody displays this better than Madara Uchiha. That's not surprising, since he's one of the strongest ninja in the series, period. His most noteworthy Fire move is called Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation, which involves expelling an ocean of flames from his body. It took multiple shinobi using Water Release to even make a dent in the burning. He isn't the only great Fire user out there - Jiraiya armed with Toad Sage Oil definitely isn't easy to deal with - but Madara comes out on top. 

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  • The Fifth Mizukage isn't the only Boil Release user, but she's the most impressive. Unlike Han and Kokuo, whose Boil Release involves extremely hot steam, Mei Terumi's Boil Release involves corrosive mist. Not knocking the steam, but Mei is bringing something especially dangerous to the table. It was strong enough to eat through the ribcage of Sasuke's Susano-o, but Mei herself remains unaffected by it.

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    Dust Release - Mu

    Dust Release, also known as Particle Style, is a kekkai tota - that is, a technique that combines three types of chakra release - in this case, earth, wind, and fire. A user encases their target in a cube, circle, or another shape, and then destroys them at the molecular level.

    While Onoki is also a skilled user, we're giving this one to the Second Tsuchikage. Mu not only displayed the ability to use this difficult move, he also showed that he could teach it to Onoki. 

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