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The Strongest User For Each Element Release Jutsu In Naruto

October 29, 2020 9.4k votes 1.3k voters 87.1k views15 items

Who is the strongest user for each elemental release type in the world of Naruto? With so many great choices, it's a tough question to answer, but we're going to try.

By necessity, this list is subjective. All five of the main elements have incredible shinobi whose skills are neck and neck. Kisame is undoubtedly one of the greatest water release users out there, but the same applies to Tobirama. Madara can wreak havoc with a fireball, but he faces some stiff competition from other fire-users in the Uchiha clan. So, if you would have chosen someone else for these categories, you're probably not wrong - there's a great case to be made for many of the top users.

Other cases are a little more clear cut - it's hard to imagine anybody arguing that Hashirama isn't the top Wood Release user, and for Scorch Release Pakura isn't just the best choice, she's the only choice. 

Vote up those shinobi who you think stand out in their element, and vote down the ones who you think are second-rate.

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    Magnet Release - The Third Kazekage

    We haven't really gotten to see The Third Kazekage in action except as one of Sasori's puppets, but he's said to be the greatest ninja in Sungakure history. We can extrapolate on that to say that his skills at Magnet Release likely exceeded those of other talented users like Rasa and Gaara.

    Using his research into the One Tails, he created a jutsu called Iron Sand that was intended to mimic its abilities. He magnetized his chakra and used it to control iron powder. This could be used to make other people's weaponry useless, create a wide range of weapons of his own, and make puppet users work impossible by filling the puppet's joints with sand. 

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  • Haku's Ice Release is the first kekkai genkai to appear in the series, and is the most noteworthy ice release user. He's also the strongest - unlike Kahyō from the light novels, Haku isn't reliant on the atmosphere. He can create his own source of ice by manipulating the weather. He can use fire-resistant ice to create a nearly impenetrable shield, use it as a blunt weapon, and create ice mirrors that he can travel between. These skills exist despite having spent his early years trying to hide his skills instead of training them. 

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  • Nobody makes Explosion Release into the art form that Deidara does. He infuses his Explosive Clay with lightning and earth chakra, turning them into high-powered bombs. He can create tiny, weak bombs that don't do much, as well create gigantic explosives that take out everything in the vicinity. His strongest move involves turning his own body into a sacrificial weapon. Sadly for him, this wasn't enough to help him beat Sasuke.

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    Crystal Release - Guren

    Crystal Release is a kekkai genkai that's only seen in a single user, Guren. It allows her to transform any form of physical matter into crystals, which she can use as weapons or use to trap others or defend herself. She can turn some elemental release attacks into crystal too, so those using Water and Earth Release are bound to have some trouble. Fire, lightning and wind on the other hand aren't physical matter, so she can't stop those sorts of attacks so easily.

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