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The 20 Strongest Emitter Quirks In My Hero Academia, Ranked

October 19, 2020 5.2k votes 559 voters 32.8k views20 items

Did you know that the quirks in My Hero Academia are actually divided into three different types: Emitter, Transformation, and Mutant? Because these types aren't really broken down in the series itself, the breakdown often escapes fan's notice - but it does exist. For this article, we're giving some shine to Emitter type quirks. These are the most common variety, and include some of the strongest quirks in the series. They're defined by the fact that all of them allow the user to generate and manipulate something, or to alter something that exists.

What are the strongest Emitter quirks? There are some obvious ones, like All For One, which lets its villainous user nab quirks from anyone he wants, and One For All, which stocks power across multiple generations. There's also Shoto Todoroki's Half-Cold Half-Hot, which lets him control two elements, and Kai Chisaki's Overhaul, which lets him break down and rebuild matter. 

Which of these Emitter quirks would you most want to have? Vote up your favorites, and vote down the ones that you think could be way more powerful. 

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    All for One - All For One 

    By touching a target, All For One can either take their quirk for himself, or transfer one of the various quirks in his possession to them. This transfer is permanent unless he chooses to undo it - when he takes a target's quirk, they can't use it anymore. Because of his quirk, he has a plethora of others that he can use in battle, making him nearly impossible to defeat. 

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    One For All - Toshinori Yagi & Izuku Midoriya

    One For All is probably the most important quirk on this list, if not the absolute strongest. It was passed onto Izuku Midoriya by Toshinori Yagi, aka All Might - but before that, it belonged to a long chain of other users. Each one imbues it with their own strength which every user ultimately gains access to. At first, all Izuku can really do is use the quirk to boost his speed and strength - and he injures himself severely in the process. But as the series progresses, he starts to discover its true utility - and he still hasn't uncovered all of its secrets. 

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    Rewind - Eri

    Using Rewind, Eri turns back the time on a living being. This has significant risks, as well as rewards. She can reverse a person's body to before they were injured, healing them completely. She can also reverse them to a time before they ever existed, peramently annihilating htem. 

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    Overhaul - Kai Chisaki

    Overhaul is basically MHA's answer to alchemy. With it, Kai Chisaki can break down matter and reshape it as he desires - though he doesn't actually have to do the reshaping part if he doesn't want to. We see him using it to blast targets to bits, as well as to fuse his own body with other people to make use of their strength. He also uses it to reshape his environment, using the floor and the wall as weapons. 

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