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Ranking Every Member of The Espada Strongest to Weakest

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Who is the strongest member of The Espada from Bleach? This question shouldn’t be taken lightly, as every member of Sōsuke Aizen’s army of Arrancar is capable of performing tremendous feats of power. Some have the ability to decay a young, living human being into a decaying corpse, while others have the ability to hulk out as a gigantic monster. Few, however, possess a power so great it had to be banned by Aizen, out of fear it could destroy the fortress in Las Noches. 

Regardless of individual strengths, every member of the Espada possesses unbelievable stamina, agility, swordsmanship, and raw power. Ranking the members of the Espada by strongest to weakest will not be an easy one, but it’s a challenge that longtime fans of Bleach welcome with arms wide open.

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    While Tier Harribel is a formidable fighter, her real skills lie in her analytical mind. She can see through a person’s facade and use their hidden thoughts against them, such as exploiting Tōshirō Hitsugaya’s concern for Momo Hinamori. In addition to her intellect, Harribel is also a skilled swordsman who can go toe-to-toe with a prodigy like Hitsugaya, and can wield a sword in either hand. Through the slash of her sword, Harribel can unleash a wide projection of Cero energy that can devastate any opponent. Lastly, Harribel can manipulate water for various attacks that range from a deadly slash to an overwhelming flood.  

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    Nnoitra Gilga might not be the strongest member of the Espada, but he was certainly the loudest in terms of personality. He was cold, cruel, sadistic, sexist, and bloodthirsty. In terms of skills, Nnoitra was strong enough to go up against someone as legendary as Kenpachi Zaraki. One reason why he lasted as long as he did against Kenpachi was because of his near-indestructible skin; the best out of everyone in Espada. After activating his Resurrección, Nnoitra takes on a form that resembles a praying mantis, as he grows an extra set of hands with large scythe-like weapons in each hand. Nnoitra’s loud personality, however, got the best of him. Particularly his inferiority complex that kicked in during his losing match with Kenpachi.     

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    Theoretically, Yammy Llargo had the potential to become the strongest member of the Espada. By being a lazy slob, Yammy was able to conserve and grow his Reiryoku to magnificent levels. After activating his Resurrección, the reserved energy Yammy earned through sleeping and eating was enough to jump his level from rank 10 to rank 0. In his released form, Yammy basically becomes the Hulk, as his rising anger increases his strength and transforms his body into a Godzilla-like monster. On top of that, Yammy was a ferocious brawler who could absorb souls for power. However, Yammy’s reckless and impulsive attitude made him easy to outwit in battle.

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    Filling out the “mad scientist” role of the Espada was Szayelaporro Granz. Several of his movesets revolved around his intelligence and deadly inventions. After proper analysis, Szayelaporro could nullify an attack and make himself immune to their abilities. Also, Szayelaporro could create a shield by wrapping the wing-like appendages from his Resurrección form to protect himself. Szayelaporro was also able to mass-produce an army of clones of his opponent and use their skills against them.

    Notably, but less scientifically, Szayelaporro could create a voodoo-like doll of his enemies and inflict tremendous pain to them by harming their exterior, or by puncturing the doll’s Fisher-Price internal organs. Szayelaporro’s most significant (and disgusting) ability is implanting a bit of himself onto an enemy and using that to be reborn through the victim’s body via the mouth, as a way of fully healing any injury perceived as beyond repair. However, if the victim’s internal substance that Szayelaporro absorbs his harmful, it will have a negative effect on his reborn body. Which was the case in Szayelaporro’s battle against  Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Nemu Kurotsuchi, causing his defeat.        

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