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The 13 Strongest Guilds In Fairy Tail, Ranked by Power

The magical world of Fairy Tail is filled with promising mages that specialize in a wide range of magic. Naturally, a kingdom populated with mages like Fiore would also have a large variety of guilds ready to take them in. Whether they are straightforward or eccentric in design, the guilds in the Kingdom of Fiore are classified by legality, independence, or by dark and criminal motive.

With all these guilds, one has to wonder: who is the strongest guild in Fairy Tail? Sure, it’s easy to say the Fairy Tail guild itself, there are other guilds out there that have bested S-class members such as Natsu Dragneel or Ezra Scarlet. Guilds like Sabertooth, which is spearheaded by superstar mages like Sting Eucliffe. Or Phantom Lord, which is lead by a former member of the Ten Wizard Saints. No matter the rankings of these guilds, there’s no denying the awesome magic they all possess.

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    Mermaid Heel

    Mermaid Heel, one of the strongest legal guilds in the Kingdom of Fiore, is notable for being entirely comprised of women. During the Grand Magic Games of X791, Mermaid Heel defeated over 105 competing guilds to take the sixth spot in the preliminary event "Sky Labyrinth," and outranked the A-team of Fairy Tail, who came in at eighth. Out of all the members of Mermaid Heel, Kagura Mikazuchi is the strongest mage of the bunch, as she is on the same level as the S-class mage Ezra, and has the power to manipulate gravity.

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    Much like Raven Tail, Phantom Lord was another guild that was made to spite Fairy Tail. Specifically, the grudge former Blue Skull guild master Geoffrey had for the founding members of Fairy Tail. While Phantom Lord was never as strong as their rival, they were still a formidable guild to go up against. Much of this can be attributed to Phantom Lord guild master Jose Porla, who was a former member of the Ten Wizard Saints with the power of Iron Dragon Slayer magic. Phantom Lord also had five S-rank mages within the guild, four of which made up an elite elemental team called the Element 4. The disbandment of the Phantom Lord, however, meant they never got to grow in power like the other guilds.

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    Blue Pegasus

    More than just fashion trendsetters, the Blue Pegasus guild is a highly respectable guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. They were one of the four tasked with the destruction of the Oración Seis, which was a guild comprised of six all-powerful dark mages. Blue Pegasus also came in fifth in the preliminary event for the X791 Grand Magic Games. Members of Blue Pegasus have come from the playboys of The Trimens to even former members of Fairy Tail. Two mages that standout from Blue Pegasus are the Celestial Spirit mage Karen Lilica (former cover girl of Sorcerer Magazine) and Take Over mage Jenny Realight, who is the current Miss Fiore.

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    Raven Tail

    In essence, Raven Tail is the anti-Fairy Tail guild. Even the name “Raven Tail” is a knock against the meaning behind the name “Fairy Tail.” This all stems from Ivan Dreyar, a user of Shikigami Magic who founded Raven Tail after his father, Makarov Dreyar, excommunicated him from Fairy Tail. And just like Fairy Tail, Raven Tail is filled with powerful mages, such as Obra, who can instantly reduce a mage’s magic power to zero from a great distance. Other elite members include Flare Corona, a sadistic mage who can manipulate her long red-flamed hair, and Kurohebi, a mage who can mimic the magic of others.