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The Most Powerful Female Anime Characters of All Time

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Anime is filled with incredible fighters, but so far, the majority of them are male. To some viewers, this imbalance can really detract from the viewing experience. With that in mind, this list celebrates some of the strongest female anime characters out there. 

These strong anime women don't necessarily look the part - many of them are not completely jacked. What they lack in big beefy muscles they make up for in incredible supernatural abilities that range from moving at the speed of sound to transforming their own blood into a deadly force. You do not want to get on any of these ladies' bad sides. 

  • Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail has so many amazing abilities that if she were a D&D character the dungeon master would flip over the board in frustration. This formidable woman is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild. She not only boasts ridiculous magical abilities that include telekinesis, sword magic, and the ability to "requip" - to switch out armor and offensive tools at a lightning fast speed.

    She's also scary strong, super fast, and a master at archery, hand-to-hand combat, and swordsmanship. 

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    Only a fool would dare cross the Tornado of Terror. What she lacks in height, she makes up for tenfold in ability and strength. Tatsumaki is an S-class Rank 2 hero with psychic powers. She is considered to be one of the Hero Association's strongest heroes as well as the most powerful esper in the One Punch Man universe. She and her younger sister, Fubuki, are a star-studded duo known as the Psychic Sisters. Not only is she incredibly skilled and capable, she also has no tolerance for arrogant men who dismiss her as a little girl. You better think twice before you mess with her. 

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  • Akame of Akame ga Kill! is the strongest member of the Night Raid, a group focused on reconnaissance and assassination. Akame not only boasts superior swordsmanship, she also has some fascinating special abilities. She's immune to most poisons, allowing her to handle the poisonous blade Teigu.

    She can move at Mach 1 - the velocity of sound. When Akame wants to kill someone, she can completely disguise her intentions and surprise her enemies. Defeating her is a challenge few people are equipped to meet. 

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    Other than Captain Levi, Mikasa is the only Corps member who makes Titan-slaying look so easy. Blessed with immense strength and killer instincts, Mikasa graduated at the top of her class among the 104th Training Corps. She's a deadly force against the Titans and is even considered to be "as valuable as a hundred average soldiers." 

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