The 22 Strongest Female Characters In 'My Hero Academia,' Ranked

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My Hero Academia features some seriously strong ladies. While most of the female characters in MHA have something to bring to the table, some stand out as absolutely top tier. We've assembled some of the strongest female characters in My Hero Academia, but it's up to you to vote up the ones who can really throw down. 

Among the strongest is Nana Shimura, All Might's teacher and the former holder of One For All. There's also the villainous Himiko Toga, whose knife-fighting skills combine with her Transform quirk to make her wildly dangerous. From Class 1-A, there's Momo Yaoyorozu, who can create everything from matryoshkas to cannons out of her body fat. There are so many amazing women to choose from! 

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    Nana Shimura

    Nana Shimura
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    Before All Might inherited One For All, it belonged to his teacher, Nana Shimura. While she isn't really seen using it, we do know that she successfully mastered it, and could stockpile huge amounts of power and unleash it on her foes. Besides One For All, she could also use a quirk called Float that let her, well, float.

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    Though Eri is a little girl who doesn't have great control over her quirk, it's an incredible one with a ton of potential. Rewind lets her turn back time on anything she touches. This can reverse wounds and other physical problems, saving people's lives. But it can also be incredibly destructive, since she can roll back someone's age to the point where they no longer exist. 

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    If the criteria for this list was leg power alone, Rumi Usagiyama - also known as Mirko - would be at the top of this list. Her quirk, Rabbit, gives her many of the traits of an actual rabbit. In her case, this manifests as extremely powerful kicks that can send her opponents flying, and even send shockwaves through the ground. 

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    Nejire Hado
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    Nejire Hado is one of the Big Three at UA High School. While she doesn't get as much attention as Mirio or Tamaki, she's not to be trifled with. Her quirk, Wave Motion, lets her convert her own energy into powerful shockwaves that blast from her hands. Its effectiveness depends on her energy levels and physical strength, which are substantial. 

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    Momo Yaoyorozu
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    Momo is considered one of the top tier students at UA High school - in fact, she's one of the few who got in by recommendation rather than by taking a test. Her strength lies in her quirk, Creation, which lets her convert her fat cells into any non-living material she wants, including huge weapons like cannons. 

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    Himiko Toga
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    Himiko Toga is one of the more frightening members of the League of Villains. Her quirk, Transform, lets her transform into anyone whose blood she consumes. That's probably why she's so obsessed with cutting the people she likes, and why she got so good at using a knife in combat. 

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