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The Hashira - also known as the Pillars - are high-ranking, wildly powerful Demon Slayers who are key players in taking down power demons like Muzan Kibutsuji and the Upper Moon Kizuki. Who are the strongest Hashira in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba? That's up to you to decide.

Do you think the most powerful Hashira is Tengen Uzui, who used Sound Breathing to fight Gyutaro in the Entertainment District? Or are you more impressed with Giyu Tomioka's mastery of Water Breathing? No matter which Hashira you choose, each one brings unique abilities to the table. 

Most of the Hashira haven't had a chance to fully show off what they can do in the anime. As we talk about their abilities and accomplishments, we'll be diving into manga-only events. So if you're anime-only, proceed with caution - there are spoilers ahead.

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    Gyomei Himejima
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    Gyomei Himejima is a gentle person who dislikes inflicting unnecessary harm on demons - but that doesn't mean he isn't strong enough to throw down when he has to. He uses Stone Breathing, a set of moves that draws on both his enhanced hearing and astonishing physical strength. He fights using a Nichirin Chained Spiked Flail and Axe, which is so tough that even Kokushibo was unable to cut through it during their fight. He created a technique called Repetitive Action, which allows the user to amp up all their abilities, similar to Total Concentration Breathing. His Demon Slayer mark increases those abilities even further. 

    His only potential weakness is his blindness, but he easily makes up for that with superhuman hearing. 

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  • Sanemi Shinazugawa
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    After experiencing multiple painful personal losses, Sanemi has developed a cold, cruel personality. That personality is supported by his incredible strength. He's the second-fastest member of the Hashira, and can use nine different forms of Wind Breathing. His attacks are swift, precise, and merciless. He also possesses incredible muscle control, which helps him temporarily hold wounds closed. It's a good thing he's so strong, because his marechi blood makes him especially delicious and attractive to demons.

    He's able to fight Giyu Tomioka on equal footing, and participates in the battles against both Muzan Kibutsuji and Kokushibo.


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    Giyu Tomioka
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    As the first member of the Hashira to appear in the story, Giyu Tomioka sets the standard for all who come after him. After learning Water Breathing from former Water Hashira Sakonji Urokodaki, he made the style his own. He can use 11 forms of Water Breathing, the 11th of which allows him to deflect any attack thrown at him. When he activates his Demon Slayer mark, his strength, speed, stamina, and other abilities skyrocket.

    Not only is he able to hold his own against fellow Hashira Sanemi, but he's also strong enough to stand up to Upper Moon demon Akaza, who acknowledges his strength by offering to turn him into a demon. He also holds his own against Muzan Kibutsuji himself. Though he isn't the person who ultimately defeats these demons, his contributions make it possible. 

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    Muichiro Tokito
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    Muichiro Tokito is a 14-year-old prodigy whose incredible strength is powered by his deep, simmering rage toward demon-kind. He specializes in Mist Breathing, which he learned not from a master but through independent training. He moves slowly in order to lull his opponents into a false sense of security, and then attacks so rapidly that they never see it coming. 

    He's responsible for taking out Gyokko, one of the most unsettling Upper Moon demons. He barely escapes the fight with his life, but he still gets the job done. Before defeating Gyokko, he was also able to keep pace with the creatures Gyokko spawned, even dispatching 10,000 slime-fish in one shot. 

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    Obanai Iguro
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    Obanai Iguro didn't just master Snake Breathing - he invented it himself. The technique utilizes a combination of sword fighting and his pet snake Kaburamaru, which means he can not only fight on his own, but also cooperate with another living creature. Besides helping him fight, Kaburamaru also helps him read hidden information about his opponents. 

    His most noteworthy opponents include Nakime, a demon who was once a member of Upper Rank Four before Muzan destroyed her. He also joined the rest of the Hashira in the fight against Muzan Kibutsuji, during which he was able to land multiple hits with little difficulty. This fight caused him to awaken his Demon Slayer mark, which massively increased his strength, speed, stamina, and other abilities. 

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    Kyojuro Rengoku
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    Rengoku might have perished during his fight with Akaza, but the loss didn't stem from weakness. He'd already expended nearly all of his stamina fighting off Enmu, so the fact that the was even able to stand during that fight shows just how remarkable he is. 

    As you might have guessed from his hair, he uses Flame Breathing. He learned the basics from his father, but had to continue on his own after his father became a full-fledged alcoholic. During his short lifetime, he was able to achieve nine forms of the art. He also mastered Total Concentration Breathing. 

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