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The 15 Strongest Hero/Villain Duos In Anime History, Ranked

24 Apr 2020 2.7k votes 518 voters 15.1k views15 items

A hero is only as interesting as the villain they oppose. The very best villain hero duos push each other to their limits, forcing each other to find new depths of strength that they never even realized they had.

Who are the strongest hero-villain duos in anime? Goku from DBZ is one of the most powerful characters in the anime world, and one of his most long-standing enemies, Frieza, is one of the few people who can even begin to hold their own against him. There's also Griffith and Guts from Berserk, a duo who used to be friends before Griffith dramatically betrayed Guts and the rest of their mercenary band in order to gain ultimate power. 

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