The 20 Strongest Human Fighters in the Dragon Ball Universe, Ranked

The fantastical world of Dragon Ball is populated by extraordinary fighters of all races, gender, and species. However, as the series transitioned to Dragon Ball Z, the most memorable fighters on the show were often of the Saiyan variety. As incredible as it is to see Goku or Vegeta pull off a victory, there are other worthwhile fighters in the Dragon Ball universe who deserve their moment to shine. Most notably, the human fighters who dominated the original series. 

There’s no denying the amazing fight scenes of Dragon Ball Z and beyond, but which human fighter from the series was the strongest of them all?


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    Out of all the original human cast in Dragon Ball, Krillin held out the longest in relevancy. He was Goku’s childhood friend and rival. The two of them grew stronger together, under the tutelage of Master Roshi. Although he wasn’t the strongest fighter in Dragon Ball Z, he was still a key figure in saving the day. He bounced the Spirit Bomb towards Vegeta, leading to his defeat. He took Gohan under his wing during their search for the Dragon Balls on Namek, and protected him from Freiza and his goons when he could. Most significantly, his death in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z pushed Goku to reach a higher level of power he couldn’t attain before.    

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    Master Roshi might be a dirty old man, but he’s still one of the strongest human fighters in the Dragon Ball universe. Even at an eternally old age, Master Roshi was still kicking butt all the way back in Dragon Ball. He created the Kamehameha attack; taught Goku and Krillin everything he knows about martial arts; and fought against the original King Piccolo. As Resurrection 'F' showed, there’s still some fight left in this perverted geezer.

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    While Uub’s full potential as a fighter has yet to be seen, he did give Goku one hell of a match during the final episode of Dragon Ball Z. Despite being the reincarnation of the evil kid Buu, Uub is an innocent Earthling at heart and only fought in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament to feed his starving poor village. Uub is later trained by Goku to defend the world from future evil and to give Goku the fighting match of his dreams. In Dragon Ball GT, Uub’s training under Goku comes in handy in dealing with Baby Vegeta, Super 17, and Syn Shenron.

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    While his third eye might make him look inhuman, Tien Shinhan is one of the strongest Earthlings to fight along with Goku in the series. Original Dragon Ball fans will remember Tien as an intimidating student of the Crane School who crushed Yamcha's leg during the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, but later redeemed himself during his match with a young Goku. He was instrumental in defeating the original King Piccolo and sacrificed his life against Vegeta and Nappa in the early beginnings of Dragon Ball Z. Even though his role in DBZ diminished over time, Tien still got a few moments of badassery, such as blasting Cell with his Neo Tri-Beam blast.