The 20 Strongest ‘Hunter x Hunter’ Characters, Ranked

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From licensed Hunters to Chimera Ants, Hunter x Hunter is filled with outrageously strong characters. They fight using not just their physical strength, but also complex Nen techniques that let them do everything from controlling other people's minds with needles to nailing opponents with electric powers. Who are the strongest Hunter x Hunter characters? That's up to you.

For this list, we're ranking HxH characters based on their overall strength, including physical prowess, Nen techniques, battle strategy, and more.


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    Meruem is the king of the Chimera Ants, which means he's far stronger than any other Ant in the series. At birth, he was able to slap the heads off of several Squadron Leaders with his tail, and he's only gotten stronger from there.

    By devouring and absorbing other Chimera Ants, he's able to boost his own power and sometimes gain access to their Nen techniques. This makes his own power pretty much unlimited. He gained Youpi's transformation ability and rage-based powers, as well as a unique ability called Photon that lets him separate his aura into tiny particles that can pick up a wide range of information about his surroundings and can even detect when others are telling lies. 

    The only reason he perished was because Netero poisoned him with the Poor Man's Rose - without that, no one would have been a match for him.

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    Isaac Netero

    Isaac Netero
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    As the 12th Chairman of the Hunter Association, Isaac Netero is one of the strongest people in the world of Hunter x Hunter. After years of training, he became the grand master of the Shingen-ryu school of kung fu. He's agile, flexible, durable, and strong as hell. His Nen ability, 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, lets him summon a gigantic Buddhist statue that fights on his behalf. It can crush targets between its palms or unleash a barrage of punches. As a last resort, he can use Zero Hand, which lets the statue concentrate all of its strength into a beam of energy. 

    This was not enough to defeat Meruem, but it was enough to do some damage. But Netero did manage to take down the Chimera Ant King using Poor Man's Rose, a chemical weapon that ended Netero's life, but also fatally poisoned Meruem. On top of being strong, he's courageous. 

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    Much is still unknown about Nanika, a being from the Dark Continent who possesses a little girl named Alluka Zoldyck. What is known is that she has a Wish Granting ability that is both powerful and complex. After a person fulfills three of Alluka's requests, Nanika will grant them a wish. If the wish is small, Alluka's next set of requests won't be hard to grant - but if it's big, she'll start asking for things like people's internal organs. If her next target fails to grant four wishes, they and the people around them will be destroyed. 

    Though Nanika's powers are valuable, they're clearly quite dangerous, which is why the Zoldyck family kept Alluka locked up throughout most of the series. 

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    Zeno Zoldyck

    Zeno Zoldyck
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    Zeno Zoldyck is one of the oldest members of the Zoldyck family, but he hasn't let age slow him down. 

    His signature move is Dragon Head, which lets him transform his aura into a dragon. This dragon can transport him and others, fight on his behalf, and protect him from damage. He can also shatter his aura into thousands of tiny dragons, each of which are capable of piercing through concrete. Imagine what they could do to a person. 

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    Chrollo Lucilfer

    Chrollo Lucilfer
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    Chrollo might not look strong on the outside, but there's a reason he's the leader of the Phantom Troupe, and it's not just that the other members like him. 

    Using Skill Hunter, Chrollo can take Nen techniques from other people and store them in a book he conjures. There are a few requirements for this: He has to see the technique being used, have the user explain their ability, and then make them touch the handprint on the right cover, all within the space of an hour. This isn't easy, but he's managed to take a wide range of techniques anyway, including Indoor Fish, Teleportation, Lovely Ghostwriter, and many more. Thanks to his genius intellect and his exceptional physical strength, he's able to successfully use every technique he steals, no matter how complex or unfamiliar. 


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    Ging Freecss
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    Though we don't get to see Ging in action much, his power is clear. Netero said he was one of the five strongest Nen users in the world. He's not the only one who recognizes his strength. He's a member of the Zodiacs, and is a Double-Star Hunter who can qualify for a Triple-Star License. These honors aren't granted to the weak. 

    So, what can he actually do? So far, he's displayed Ultrasound, an ability that gives him a wide range of information about a body or surface using his aura, and Phasing Bullets, which lets him send his aura through a wall to attack opponents without damaging the wall. He also copied Leorio's Remote Punch technique. It seems likely that he has a lot more up his sleeve, but we'll have to wait to find out. 

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