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Ranking Every Jinchuriki In Naruto From Strongest to Weakest

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One of the strongest forces in the world of Naruto are the Tailed Beasts. These creatures boast tremendous power, and are generally contained by being sealed into powerful or not-so-powerful ninja. These people are called jinchuriki.

The strongest jinchuriki in Naruto are able to control their sealed beast to the fullest extent - often by building positive relationships with them over time, but sometimes by force. Those who are less powerful are overcome by the beasts, unable to use their ability fully or stop them from destroying things against their will.

For this list, we're ranking the jinchuriki from strongest to weakest, so vote up those whose power leaves you in awe and vote down those you think were in over their heads. 

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    Hagoromo Otsutsuki

    Hagoromo Otsutsuki defeated the Ten-Tails, which is actually the combined form of Kaguya Otsutsuki and the God Tree, and sealed it inside of his body, making him its jinchuriki. He ended up dividing it into nine separate beings in order to make it harder for his mother to regain power. Capable of defeating entities with more power than a god, Hagoromo is clearly one of the strongest characters in the series, let alone as a jinchuriki.

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  • Protagonist Naruto Uzumaki struggles to manage the Nine Tailed fox sealed inside of him at first - but once he learns to communicate and get along with Kurama, he's able to effectively use their powers, eventually being able to fully transform, fight as separate entities, use healing powers, and create powerful weapons like Tailed Beast Balls. Even without Kurama, Naruto is strong as hell, with techniques that include Sage Mode, Rasengan, and more.  

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  • Long before he absorbed the Ten Tails into his body, Madara was already one of the most terrifyingly strong characters in the entire series. His plan was to create an Infinite Tsukuyomi that would harvest chakra from humankind while they dreamed of an alternate reality. He did this as a power-grab, and also because he thought it was the only way to achieve peace. He'd probably have succeeded if not for Naruto and Sasuke's heroic actions, or Obito's about-face at the end. 

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  • Minato wasn't a jinchuriki for long - actually, it only lasted for a few short minutes. In order to protect the village from the Nine-Tailed fox, he sealed the Yin half of its chakra into his own body, and sealed the Yang half into his newborn son Naruto. He passed away in the process. When he's eventually reincarnated, viewers get to see him utilize the beasts's chakra, but by that point he's more than demonstrated his strength and heroism in other ways. 

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