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Ranking All The Kage Right Hand Men In Naruto Best to Worst

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The Kages are supposedly the strongest people in their respective nations, but they wouldn't get very far without the help of their "right hand men" - the assistants, bodyguards, aides, and other people who they trust. Some help in battle, some help with strategy, but all of them are powerful in their own right. 

While some Kages have one person who they rely on, others have multiple "right hand men." Naruto Uzumaki began his career as the Seventh Hokage with a whole lot of help from his teacher Kakashi, but ultimately ended up relying on Shikamaru Nara for strategic help and Sasuke Uchiha for challenging missions. 

Who are the best kage right hand men? With so many powerful choices, it's hard to say who truly deserves the top spot. Vote up the kage assistants' you think are the strongest, and vote down the ones' you think are in the wrong job.

  • Shikamaru Nara has been unofficially advising Naruto for their entire lives, but when Naruto becomes the Seventh Hokage, it becomes his actual job. His role is mostly a strategic one - he's the person who Naruto goes to when he needs advice on how to tackle a problem. 

    But there's more to Shikamaru than just his brain - he can also throw down in battle. Using his clan's signature shadow jutsu techniques, he can control his targets' movements by linking his own shadow to theirs. He can also use nature release techniques like Fire, Earth, and Yin, and is adept at fuinjutsu (sealing). 

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    Shikaku Nara

    Shikaku played the same role for the Third Hokage that his son Shikamaru would for the Seventh - he provided tactical advice and military strategy. Like his son, he was also an incredibly intelligent person who could be relied upon for that kind of work. He was also a master of the Nara Clan's signature shadow jutsu techniques, and had an impressive store of medical and scientific knowledge based on the Nara clans' medical experimentation.

    Sadly, Shikaku passed away when an explosion caused by a Tailed Beast ball destroyed the Shinobi Alliance HQ. 

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    Darui would ultimately become the Fifth Raikage, but he gets his start studying under the Third Raikage and also working as the Fourth Raikage's right-hand man. Under the Third, he learned the black lightning technique - in fact, he was the only person that the Third taught it to. Using black lightning, he can achieve attacks like Lightning Release: Black Panther, which paralyzes his opponents. He's also skilled at kenjutsu, which he enhances by electrifying his swords. 

    But it's not just his fighting skills that make him indispensable for the Fourth - it's also his ability to remain calm and think of a solution, no matter how difficult or complicated the situation might be. 

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  • Though he's best known for his own stint in the hokage's office, Tobirama Senju served as his older brother Hashirama's right-hand man before his turn to lead came.  

    Unlike his brother, he was a deeply practical person who believed that the best way to approach most things was through a strict and well-defined set of rules. This meant that he often clashed with Hashirama about how to approach leadership. Because Hashirama usually saw Tobirama's point and let him do things his way, Tobirama had more power than a lot of right hand men do. 

    In addition to his pragmatic nature and his intelligence, Tobirama was also a skilled fighter. Adept in multiple areas, he was best known for his skill at shurikenjutsu, and for pioneering techniques like the Impure World Reincarnation, Flying Thunder God Technique, and Shadow Clone Technique.

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