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The 15 Strongest Kenjutsu Users In Naruto History, Ranked

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Kenjutsu is one of the few ninja arts that viewers could ever hope to accomplish themselves - it's the art of swordsmanship. Often overlooked in favor of flashier ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu techniques, kenjutsu can still be deeply impressive. 

With that in mind, lets take a look at some of the strongest kenjutsu users in Naruto. Many of the characters on this list are members of Kirigakure's Seven Swordsman of the Mist. Each member wields a an exceptional sword, some of which possess supernatural abilities, and one of which is even sentient. All members are recognized kenjutsu masters to some degree or another. But one doesn't have to be one of the Seven Swordsman to rock a blade - Killer B, Sasuke, and both Hatakes also make the list.

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  • Though Killer B would probably prefer to be remembered for his enka rap, his kenjutsu skills are actually a whole lot better than anything he's capable of musically. B uses a unique style called Acrobat which involves holding seven blades at once while moving in a hip hop dance style. Despite balancing so many blades, he's able to hit the exact spot he's aiming for on his opponent's body with perfect accuracy and speed. He's so fast that even a Sharingan user is bound to have trouble keeping up with him. He sometimes uses the Eight Tails' chakra to create yet another sword, which he wields just as effectively. Once he gets ahold of Samehada, he's able to seamlessly incorporate the tricky blade into his repertoire.  

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  • Once a loyal Kirigakure ninja, Kisame Hoshigaki ended up abandoning his village and joining the Akatsuki. With him, he brought his affiliation with the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, as well as his massive kenjutsu prowess. 

    Though proficient with a katana, Kisame Hoshigaki is best known for his use of Samehada, a sentient sword covered in scales. Rather than cutting an opponent, the scales scrape off flesh. It can also absorb chakra, which Kisame can access by fusing with Samehada. Because of its unwillingness to work with most people, Samehada is quite challenging to wield, and only the strongest swordsmen are able to do so. 

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    Mangetsu Hozuki

    Mangetsu Hozuki was one of the members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, which automatically means he's skilled with a blade. But unlike many of the other kenjutsu users in the organization, Mangetsu didn't just use one legendary sword - he mastered all seven of them! This included Samehada, a sword that was known for being picky about which users it would accept. Because he could reliably use all of the swords, he was trusted to transport them in a sealed scroll. 

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  • Zabuza Momochi is one of the first major antagonists to appear in Naruto - and he's also one of the strongest kenjutsu users in the series. His sword is the massive, cleaver-like Kubikiribōchō, which can absorb the iron in the blood that touches it, and reform itself by using it. Despite how heavy the sword is, he tosses it around like it's nothing. He claims that his sword "never cut a second time," which seems to mean that he's been able to fell most opponents with a single strike. No wonder he's known as the Demon of the Hidden Mist. 

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