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Every Logia Type Devil Fruit in One Piece, Ranked From Best To Worst

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In the world of One Piece, many characters get their powers by eating Devil Fruits. These fruits are divided into three categories: Logia, Zoan, and Paramecia. For this list, we're focusing on the rarest kind: Logia Fruits. These fruits grant their users a wide range of abilities, all of which involve wielding the power of the natural elements. The definition of 'elements' is a pretty broad one: fire and ice exist alongside swamps and candy syrup. 

What are the strongest Logia-type Devil Fruits? While there aren't as many examples of this kind as there are of Paramecia or Zoan types, those that do exist are scary strong. Whether it's Akainu's blistering Mag-Mag Fruit, Blackbeard's power-stealing Dark-Dark Fruit, or Crocodile's versatile Sand-Sand fruit, some of these are among the strongest Devil Fruits in the series, period.

Others aren't quite as powerful, which is why we're ranking them based on strength. Vote up the logia fruits you'd eat if you came across them, and vote down those you wouldn't want to bother with. 

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    Ice-Ice Fruit - Kuzan

    The ice powers Kuzan gets from his Ice-Ice Fruit are among the strongest the logia fruits have to offer. He can control, create, and transform into ice. Using his powers for ten days straight once had such a big impact on the environment that it permanently altered the weather patterns of half an island. He can create ice spears, tridents and other weaponry to fight with, freeze his targets solid, and use ice to travel at high speeds. Unlike most logia fruits, this one doesn't let Kuzan absorb blows by transforming into his element - but he has plenty of defensive moves to make up for it. 

    One amusing note: it's apparently possible to make shaved ice out of Kuzan's body, but anybody who ate it would probably get attacked from inside. 

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    Flame-Flame Fruit - Portgas D. Ace & Sabo

    After eating the Flame-Flame Fruit, Portgas D. Ace gained some seriously impressive fire-based moves. He could control, create, and become fire itself. He launched a wide range of flame-based attacks at his opponents. Often, these were simple fire-punches, but they could get far more complex and dangerous. His ultimate technique, Dai Enkai: Entei, was a giant fireball similar to the sun itself. He could also use the fire he created to propel his boat. 

    Ace was immune to most heat-based attacks, but he wasn't able to stand up to the searing heat of the Mag-Mag fruit. 

    After Ace's demise, Sabo inherited his Devil Fruit. He uses it to enhance a martial art called Ryusoken. 

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    Sand-Sand Fruit - Crocodile

    The Sand-Sand Fruit is one of the most versatile Devil Fruits in the series, in part because of the fruit itself, and in part because of Crocodile's talent with it. The fruit gives him the power to transform into sand, as well as to create and manipulate it. This manipulation can include whipping up sandstorms and turning the ground into quicksand, sucking all the moisture out of someone's body, the atmosphere, or anything else, and dehydrating it, and more. He can also transform into sand to avoid an attack, though he loses this ability when exposed to water. 

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    Gas-Gas Fruit - Caesar Clown

    With the power granted by the Gas-Gas Fruit, Caesar Clown can transform his body into gas. This allows him to slip into areas that would be impossible if he were solid. But he's not just converting solid matter into a different form, he's also changing its properties. Caesar Clown can create a highly toxic gas that can eliminate anyone who breathes it in - Luffy would have been toast if he hadn't already been immune to poison thanks to Magellan. The gas can also be used to create powerful explosions and fires. 

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