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Every Logia Type Devil Fruit in One Piece, Ranked From Best To Worst

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In the world of One Piece, many characters get their powers by eating Devil Fruits. These fruits are divided into three categories: Logia, Zoan, and Paramecia. For this list, we're focusing on the rarest kind: Logia Fruits. These fruits grant their users a wide range of abilities, all of which involve wielding the power of the natural elements. The definition of 'elements' is a pretty broad one: fire and ice exist alongside swamps and candy syrup. 

What are the strongest Logia-type Devil Fruits? While there aren't as many examples of this kind as there are of Paramecia or Zoan types, those that do exist are scary strong. Whether it's Akainu's blistering Mag-Mag Fruit, Blackbeard's power-stealing Dark-Dark Fruit, or Crocodile's versatile Sand-Sand fruit, some of these are among the strongest Devil Fruits in the series, period.

Others aren't quite as powerful, which is why we're ranking them based on strength. Vote up the logia fruits you'd eat if you came across them, and vote down those you wouldn't want to bother with. 

  • 1. Rumble-Rumble Fruit - Enel

    According to Nico Robin, the Rumble-Rumble Fruit is basically invincible. It grants its user, Enel, dominion over lightning. This gives him a surprising number of powers. These include transforming into lightning itself, rendering him immune to attack and able to electrocute his targets. His lightning, which maxes out at 200 million volts, isn't quite as strong as actual lightning, but it's still not something you'd want to get hit by. He can also do things like travel at the speed of light, control electromagnetism, and even restart his own heart in an emergency situation. 

    Despite his Devil Fruit's incredible strength, Enel runs into trouble when he meets Luffy. Because Enel's lightning has no effect on rubber, none of his attacks actually work on Luffy's rubber body. 

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  • 2. Mag-Mag Fruit - Akainu Sakazuki

    Admiral Akainu's Mag-Mag Fruit provides him with some of the most impressive offensive capabilities in the world of One Piece. He has power over magma, a substance so hot that it can boil seawater or melt an iceberg. He even permanently changed the weather patterns of half of an island after using his power for ten days straight. His most common move involves transforming his fist into magma and hurling it at his opponents. He's also been known to attack using magma that's shaped like a dog's head, or with multiple magma fists that rain from the sky like a meteor shower. 

    Non-canon material implies that the fruit makes its user weak against water, but that hasn't been shown in the manga or anime. 

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  • 3. Dark-Dark Fruit - Blackbeard

    The Dark-Dark Fruit is one of two Devil Fruits belonging to Blackbeard. It has a number of frightening effects. He controls, creates, and transforms into darkness, which has a range of applications. He can create miniature black holes that force his targets to come towards him or swallow up everything the surrounding area - seriously the guy once devoured a whole village. He can then expel whatever he's sucked in with a violent force. 

    His darkness can also render other people incapable of using their Devil Fruit powers, though in order for this to work he has to maintain continual contact with them. 

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  • 4. Glint-Glint Fruit - Borsalino

    The Glint-Glint Fruit gives Borsalino access to multiple light-based moves. This often takes the form of shooting laser beams from various parts of his body, or creating a sword that's made out of light itself. He can also move at the speed of light, making him nearly impossible for slower opponents to keep up with. He can also transform his body into light and absorb any attacks that do manage to land. 

    But the fruit does have some weaknesses. It takes him a few seconds to actually enter light speed, so a careful enemy can attack him before he reaches that point. Also, many of his light-based attacks move only in a straight line, which makes them possible to dodge. 

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