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The Strongest Characters In 'Looney Tunes'  

Crystal Brackett
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While the Looney Tunes cartoon characters might seem colorful and cheery, they're all a bit evil. The strongest Looney Tunes characters barely even have to lift a finger (or feather) to stir up some serious mischief and mayhem. The Looney Tunes franchise is riddled with characters who constantly pull pranks, incite comical mayhem, and entangle each other in their slapstick antics for the sake of the audience's entertainment.

Getting attention from the trouble they cause is no problem for the most powerful Looney Tunes characters. From baby birds and frogs to overly romantic skunks and dual-wielding, arm-slinging humans, each Looney Tunes toon has their own special traits that make them as entertaining as they are powerful.

Taz is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Strongest Characters In 'Looney Tunes'
Photo: Warner Bros.

Role in the Looney Tuniverse: Taz, AKA the Tasmanian Devil, is a volatile, slurring, spinning tornado. Taz's appetite is insatiable and he's always looking for his next meal.

Common Feud: Bugs Bunny

Skill Set: Taz blitzes through life as a raging dirt devil with a full set of sharp teeth. The furry creature will eat anything in his path. 

Strongest Moment: When Taz pairs up with Yosemite Sam to hunt down Daffy Duck in Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island.

Weakest Moment: When Bugs Bunny tricks Taz into thinking that Bugs is a doctor, then blows him up in "Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare."

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Hector The Bulldog is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Strongest Characters In 'Looney Tunes'
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Hector The Bulldog

Role in the Looney Tuniverse: Hector the Bulldog is built like a tank. He uses his stout demeanor to protect the neighborhood birds, especially Tweety while Granny's away.

Common Feud: Sylvester

Skill Set: This buff bulldog can use brute force to grab, stifle, and throw others into a dizzying pulp.

Strongest Moment: When Sylvester actually manages to eat Tweety, and Hector comically punches Tweety back out of the cat's mouth.

Weakest Moment: Whenever Sylvester outwits the somewhat dim-witted Hector.

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Foghorn Leghorn is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Strongest Characters In 'Looney Tunes'
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Role in the Looney Tuniverse: A deviant rooster with a long, Southern drawl, Foghorn Leghorn possesses both a big mouth and a know-it-all attitude.

Common Feud: George P. Dog, AKA the Barnyard Dawg

Skill Set: The witty Foghorn pulls all sorts of pranks. By setting up elaborate traps for others to fall into, Foghorn gets to sit back and watch the chaos unfold without having to lift a finger.

Strongest Moment: Every time Foghorn sneaks up on Barnyard Dawg, he lifts him up by his tail and spanks him with a wooden paddle.

Weakest Moment: When Barnyard Dawg gets fed up and picks up Foghorn just to throw him on the ground repeatedly. 

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Bugs Bunny is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Strongest Characters In 'Looney Tunes'
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Role in the Looney Tuniverse: A sassy, impish rabbit with a knack for getting himself into trouble, Bugs Bunny always finds himself having to outwit some sort of deadly peril - whether it be a determined hunter or a disgruntled Martian.

Common Feud: Elmer Fudd

Skill Set: A natural-born trickster, Bugs is a pro at setting up traps. Posing as everything from orchestra conductors to hairdressers, Bugs is a master of disguise who can fool anyone into believing that he's someone he's not.

Strongest Moment: When Bugs tricks Elmer Fudd into thinking he's a barber, wreaking havoc on the poor hunter's face and hair in "Rabbit of Seville."

Weakest Moment: When Bugs is apprehended by Yosemite Sam for digging a tunnel into a prison in "Big House Bunny."

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