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The Most Powerful Magic in 'Fairy Tail'

Fairy Tail is one of those anime series that really introduces you to a whole new world. With so many different types of magic shown throughout the series, it's hard to keep track. Each character has something exceptionally unique about them, whether that's having the ability to unlock celestial spirits from the sky or having the ability to slay literal gods. Whatever kind of magic they may use, it's centric to that character's personality and their story. 

However, there are so many different kinds of magic in Fairy Tail that it's so hard to keep up! It seems like with the introduction of each new character, there's a new kind of magic that's been discovered for the reader. If you've ever wondered what the strongest magic in the series was, we've got you covered. Here are the 15 strongest types of magic to come out of the Fairy Tail series. 

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    God Slayer Magic

    Much like the name suggests, this type of magic is exceptionally powerful. Unlike other forms of magic that rely on an element, God Slayer Magic gives the user the abilities of a "God" with a specific elemental type. While we're not exactly sure how you learn God Slayer Magic typically, Sherria Blendy was one of the few users of this magic we got to interact with in the series who seemed to have learned it from a book. We do know that the origin of this magic was, in fact, to slay Gods, although we never delve too much into it. 

    Much like the other forms of Slayer Magic, such as Devil or Dragon, a God Slayer Mage cannot use their own God element as fuel. However, they can utilize an element if it came from another sort of magic. For example, a God Slayer Mage that uses fire couldn't consume their own but could eat a Dragon Slayer Mage's flames. Even more interesting is that this rule does not apply in reverse; meaning Dragon Slayers couldn't use the element if it came from another source. 

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    Crash Magic

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    If you've ever been so mad that you could literally break everything around you, that's the exact feeling a Crash Magic user feels. Well, perhaps without the anger part. Crash Magic is an exceptionally strong form of magic that allows the caster to smash everything they touch. And when we say smash, we mean pulverizing objects into a million little pieces. It's extremely difficult to master, so those who take up learning it really need to focus and practice in order to gain some sort of control. 

    Targets are broken through the pressurization of magical energies, which is part of the reason this magic is so tough to control. Because the magic requires a number of controlled energies from various aspects of nature, the caster must be able to utilize them in order to cause total destruction. It is also a magic that is heavily reliant on the user's personal strength, delving deep into their energies in order to cause chaos among the other external energies they'll need to utilize. 

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    Take Over Magic

    We know that Transformation Magic is incredibly strong, but Take Over Magic is an even more advanced form. This allows the caster to literally take over the power of another entity and use it as their own. The only drawback is that mages who use this kind of power need to truly know the creature they're taking over; it doesn't just work for everything and you really need to study what you'll be working with. Some of the forms of Take Over Magic we've seen in Fairy Tail are Beast Soul, Animal Soul, Satan Soul, Machina Soul, and God Soul with Mirajane and her siblings being the most popular users. 

    This kind of magic can increase your strength, speed and overall power of the caster, which is why this kind of magic is so powerful. Essentially, if this were a video game, it would add a boost to all your stats. The other cool thing about it is that you can actually gain certain abilities, such as flying, depending on the type of creature you use Take Over on. There's little about how this magic exactly works, but if you've ever seen Mirajane use Satan Soul, you know just how crazy powerful it can be.

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    Requip Magic

    Erza's main type of magic is certainly one of the coolest we've ever seen; being able to conjure weapons out of seemingly thin air already sounds deadly and effective, but there's actually more to it than just that. What Requip Magic allows the user to do is store anything in a pocket dimension and then call it out at will. While fighters like Erza may use this for weaponry, a caster can put whatever they want in there. This magic is essentially the best storage space in the world. 

    While Requip Magic can be fairly harmless, it becomes an essential and deadly tool for mages like Erza who are constantly fighting. Not only does it allow them to change their armor in the middle of battle, but it also allows them to call out a weapon of their choice if they need a different tool for a certain fight. This means that Requip Mages are exceptionally flexible in their fighting styles while also being reliant on their own strength and talent. You'll have to practice really hard if you want to be able to get to their level! 

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