The Most Powerful Magic in 'Fairy Tail'

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Fairy Tail is one of those anime series that really introduces you to a whole new world. With so many different types of magic shown throughout the series, it's hard to keep track. Each character has something exceptionally unique about them, whether that's having the ability to unlock celestial spirits from the sky or having the ability to slay literal gods. Whatever kind of magic they may use, it's centric to that character's personality and their story. 

However, there are so many different kinds of magic in Fairy Tail that it's so hard to keep up! It seems like with the introduction of each new character, there's a new kind of magic that's been discovered for the reader. If you've ever wondered what the strongest magic in the series was, we've got you covered. Here are the 15 strongest types of magic to come out of the Fairy Tail series. 

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    Dragon Slayer Magic

    No Fairy Tail magic article would be complete without Natsu's incredible Dragon Slayer abilities. This type of magic is actually considered Lost Magic that allows the user to turn into a dragon physically. Throughout the series, we actually saw quite a few abilities like this that allowed for users to actually become their element. There comes a point where Natsu takes on certain characteristics of a dragon, including one of his arms and part of his face. 

    Turning their body into a dragon will allow them to use both offensive and defensive manuvers. It also makes them immune to their magic's element and allows them to actually utilize it as fuel; when Natsu eats fire, that's a piece of his magic's abilities. Dragon Force is the ultimate move for Dragon Slayers which allows them to physically look like a dragon, much like what we've seen with Natsu. Certainly, this is a crowd favorite, but it's also incredibly effective. 

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    Devil Slayer Magic

    Devil Slayer Magic is very much like any other form of Slayer Magic; such as God or Dragon. However, it does come with its own unique abilities that make it a little more dangerous than the other two. For instance, this type of magic is considered to be more difficult to learn and issues can definitely arise if you don't take your time learning it. If learned too fast, the caster could experience demonic effects that will rapidly change their body with distinct black markings and even eye color changes. Experienced casters can also portray similar looks which actually serve to protect them from any and all curses, no matter how powerful. 

    Unique to the Devil Slayer Mage is the fact that they can gather information on any demon just by looking at them. While Devil Slayer Magic is specifically used to hunt and kill demons and also allows the mage to eat their respective element like any other Slayer Mage, it's not uncommon for these particular casters to become "tainted" and lose their sanity over time. This is partially due to how chaotic the magic is in nature.

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    Ankhseram Black Magic

    Ankhseram Black Magic is perhaps the most lethal type of magic out there. Used primarily by Zeref, this kind of dark magic has gained a name for itself by being able to kill literally anything it touches. This happens due to it being able to produce large amounts of black miasma. This magic is incredibly unstable if the user isn't used to it and can only be controlled if the caster forgets the value of life. If that isn't dark enough, then the fact it's a literal curse should sufficiently freak anyone out. 

    True to it's name, Ankhseram Black Magic cannot be taught. Instead, it curses its victim, mostly making them a walking bomb. Should the user lose control, even for a moment, anything within a certain radius of them will die. In a sense, it's almost safer for the caster to forget how to cherish life in order to protect those around them; the more they care, the more people will die. 

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    Fairy Law

    This move is introduced to fans when Makarov decides to finally flex just how powerful he is. Both Laxus and the original leader of the guild, Mavis Vermillion, can use this legendary magic. Considered to be one of the strongest and rarest magic out there, Fairy Law is one of the three Fairy Magic. The interesting thing about this move is that it can only hurt those the caster deems an enemy in their heart. With a bright beam of light enveloping a large perimeter around the caster, all friends and bystanders will be safe from any kind of damage. 

    An interesting part about how enemies are selected is that your heart cannot lie to the magic itself; doing so is physically impossible. This magic is supposed to deter enemies from continuing a fight, so it should only be used after heavy consideration. Especially because this magic used to have a lethal side effect, despite Mavis working to improve the spell, it's important to note that the more targets a caster uses Fairy Law on, the more likely it will harm their lifespan. 

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    Crash Magic

    Crash Magic
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    If you've ever been so mad that you could literally break everything around you, that's the exact feeling a Crash Magic user feels. Well, perhaps without the anger part. Crash Magic is an exceptionally strong form of magic that allows the caster to smash everything they touch. And when we say smash, we mean pulverizing objects into a million little pieces. It's extremely difficult to master, so those who take up learning it really need to focus and practice in order to gain some sort of control. 

    Targets are broken through the pressurization of magical energies, which is part of the reason this magic is so tough to control. Because the magic requires a number of controlled energies from various aspects of nature, the caster must be able to utilize them in order to cause total destruction. It is also a magic that is heavily reliant on the user's personal strength, delving deep into their energies in order to cause chaos among the other external energies they'll need to utilize. 

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    Take Over Magic

    We know that Transformation Magic is incredibly strong, but Take Over Magic is an even more advanced form. This allows the caster to literally take over the power of another entity and use it as their own. The only drawback is that mages who use this kind of power need to truly know the creature they're taking over; it doesn't just work for everything and you really need to study what you'll be working with. Some of the forms of Take Over Magic we've seen in Fairy Tail are Beast Soul, Animal Soul, Satan Soul, Machina Soul, and God Soul with Mirajane and her siblings being the most popular users. 

    This kind of magic can increase your strength, speed and overall power of the caster, which is why this kind of magic is so powerful. Essentially, if this were a video game, it would add a boost to all your stats. The other cool thing about it is that you can actually gain certain abilities, such as flying, depending on the type of creature you use Take Over on. There's little about how this magic exactly works, but if you've ever seen Mirajane use Satan Soul, you know just how crazy powerful it can be.

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