Ranking Every Magic Knight Squad In 'Black Clover' From Strongest To Weakest

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In the world of Black Clover, Magic Knights are divided up into unique and powerful guilds. All of them have something going for them, but which ones are the strongest Magic Knight guilds? 

Canonically, Golden Dawn is known as the strongest guild. With William Vangeance and Yuno as the captain and vice-captain, that's not hard to believe. But do they really outrank the Black Bulls? And what about lesser-known squads like the Blue Rose and the Aqua Deer? How do they stack up against each other? The Black Clover squads ranking is up to you.

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    Black Bull

    The Black Bulls are the team we know the most about, and they're a formidable bunch. They're led by Yami, a spectacular swordsman who specializes in Dark Magic. Though he's quick to anger - especially when his toilet time is interrupted - he's a caring leader who supports his team. Their Vice Captain, Nacht Faust, uses a combination of Shadow Magic and the Four Devils he's possessed by to create a variety of effects.

    As the main character of Black Clover, Asta is one of the most noteworthy members. Though he lacks magic, he learns to use Anti-Magic to make up for it. He also gets power from Liebe, the Devil sharing his body. Noelle had trouble controlling her Water Magic at first, but ended up becoming one of the strongest members of the team. Luck and Magna also use elemental magic - Luck focuses on Lightning Magic while Magna uses Fire Magic. 

    As a half-dwarf, Charmy can use two forms of magic: Cotton Magic and Food Magic. When Vanessa isn't too busy drinking, she can do incredible things with her Thread Magic. With her Sealing and Healing Magic, Secre is a master and handling serious wounds. Gauche sometimes gets distracted from fighting by his little sister, but he's a beast with his Mirror Magic. Grey might be anxious, but she can still work wonders with her Transformation and Transmutation Magic. Henry siphons magic from the world around him, which he uses for his Recombination Magic. Zora uses Ash Magic, but he's just as good at tricking people as he is at magic. Finral focuses on Spatial Magic when he's not busy failing to get a date. Gordon is a master of poisons, but despite his creepy powers, he just wants to make friends. 

    The group has been criticized for their destructive behavior, leading them to be ranked lower by the Magic Kingdom than they would be if rankings were based on strength alone.

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    Crimson Lion

    When members of the House Vermillion come of age, they are automatically accepted into the Crimson Lion, although they can join another squad if they wish. They're known for being a powerful, hot-blooded team. Members of the House Vermillion tend to use Fire Magic or some associated magic, and those in Crimson Lion are no exception. 

    The team is led by Fuegoleon, with his sister Mereoleona taking over briefly while he's in a coma. Both of them are masters of Fire Magic. Fuegoleon enhances his with help from a Fire Spirit called Salamander, while Mereoleona favors hand-to-hand combat. The vice-captain, Randall, uses Air Magic, which is especially dangerous when he's possessed by an elf. 

    Other than Leopold and Forte, who both use Fire Magic, most of the other members use magic that is related to stones or metals. Gareth uses Iron Magic, Rokken uses Stone Magic, and Ruben uses Sandstone Magic. 

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    Golden Dawn

    Out of all of the squads, Golden Dawn is generally considered the strongest. Aside from Mimosa, nearly ever member has been a vessel for an elf at some point. Many were able to retain the powers they gained even after the elves left their bodies. 

    The team is led by William Vangeance. William has had a challenging life. As a child, he was rejected both for his facial markings and his status as an illegitimate child. As an adult, he ends up sharing a body with the elf Patolli, the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. His most impressive magic involves the ability to create World Trees. 

    After Yuno joins, he's eventually promoted to Vice Captain. Yuno has been a genius since birth, but his Wind Magic dramatically improves with help from Sylph, a Wind Spirit. 

    Like his half-brother in the Black Bulls, Langris uses Spatial Magic. The prideful Alecdora uses Sand Magic, while the equally arrogant Klaus uses Steel Magic. David uses Dice Magic, which lets him create dice that control probability. Mimosa didn't want to rely on her family's reputation, so she didn't join the Crimson Lion like other members of the House Vermillion. Her magic isn't like theirs, either - instead of using fire, she creates and controls plants. 

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    Silver Eagle

    Silver Eagle is a renowned and powerful squad that has a strong connection with House Silva. Once led by Acier Silva, it is now led by her son Nozel. His sister Nebra and his brother Solid are also members of the group. All three of them can manipulate and create something related to water or liquid. In Nozel's case, it's mercury. Nebra uses Mist Magic, while Solid favors Water Magic. All of them are justifiably proud of their power, but they can be arrogant and unkind - especially towards their youngest sister, Noelle. 

    Another member of the team is Nils Ragus, a 1st Class Intermediate Magic Knight who uses Ice Magic - perfect for the watery theme of his teammates. There's also Curtis Warren, a 3rd Class Senior Magic Knight who uses Rock Magic, and Rob Vitesse, a 2nd Class Senior Magic Knight who uses Wind Magic.

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    Blue Rose

    Other than a few errand boys, the Blue Rose squad is made up of women. They want to prove that women are just as capable of using magic as men are, and they're against excessively idealizing any men. That said, some of them are still interested in romantic relationships with men. 

    The whole men thing is complicated for Charlotte Roselei, the captain of the group. As a child, she was put under a curse that required her to fall in love with a man unless she wanted to be trapped in a cage made of briars. Determined to do it herself, she refused to let herself fall for anyone - that is, until she was trapped in briars and Yami cut her out of them. She fell for him, temporarily stopping the curse. But until she trained with the Mana Method, her Briar Magic, which lets her generate and control briars and roses, would be significantly weakened. 

    What about the other members? Most are only seen using magic briefly. Risacca and Selena both use Water Magic, Sol uses Earth Magic, Galgaria uses Stone Magic, and Puli can fly using Wing Magic. 

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    Coral Peacock

    The most powerful member of the Coral Peacocks is probably the captain, Dorothy Unsworth. She uses Dream Magic, which lets her trap people in a dream world that they can't fall asleep in or they'll lose their lives. Because Dorothy spends most of her time asleep thanks to her Dream Magic, Vice-Captain Kirsch Vermillion assumes most of her duties. Kirsch could have joined the Crimson Lion, but he chose the Coral Peacock because he liked their robes. His powers are similarly vain - he uses Cherry Blossom Magic, which is both dangerous and beautiful. 

    Rick Cornell's abilities are similarly aesthetic, although his main concern is loyalty to the emperor - he can use Crystal Magic. Protobe Collina and Dmitri Brint use elemental magic - Earth and Fire respectively. Medio and Roland both use Trap Magic, but Roland uses Plant Magic, too. 

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