The 15 Strongest Magic Types In ‘Black Clover,’ Ranked

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Most characters in Black Clover use some form of magic, which is based on one's natural magic attributes. Each person can only use one magic attribute, but they can apply those attributes to unique magical forms. Using grimoires, they can bring out the full potential of their chosen form of magic. 

What are the strongest kinds of magic in Black Clover? With so many impressive options, it's hard to choose. There's Time Magic, which lets the user control the flow of time. There's Kotodama Magic, which allows the user to speak anything they want into existence. And of course, there's Asta's Anti Magic, which nullifies anything created with mana - which is just about every other form of magic. Which one is truly the strongest? That's up to you.

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    Time Magic

    Time Magic allows the user to steal time from other people and then store it in their grimoire for a variety of purposes. They can speed up time and rapidly age their target, or slow it down to stop them from moving quickly. By reversing time, they can erase injuries that were inflicted or go back to a time before a spell was cast.

    This extremely powerful magic is primarily used by Julius Novachrono. 

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    Anti Magic

    Asta was born without any mana. Before he discoverd Anti Magic, this seemed like a major setback. It turned out to be an asset, because if he'd had mana, he wouldn't have been able to wield Anti Magic at all.

    Anti Magic stems from the devil within Asta's grimoire, and it nullifies all magic it comes into contact with. This means that Asta can undo spells and barriers, avoid curses and traps, and cut through defenses. Combine this with his physical fighting ability and he's a seriously tough opponent for any magic user. 

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    Kotodama Magic

    One of the things that makes Zagred so terrifying is his use of Kotodama Magic, also known as Word Soul Magic. By simply speaking, he can will almost any phenonomenon or object into existence, control other people's actions, command the elements, and heal himself or anyone else he chooses to.

    It's not clear what the full limits of Kotodama Magic are, but it can't be used to directly force someone to take their own life, and it can't interfere with Dark Magic.

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    Dark Magic

    Dark Magic is said to be the polar opposite of Light Magic. It lets the user create and manipulate darkness. As with Light Magic, the user can create weapons out of darkness. However, unlike Light Magic, Dark Magic moves slowly.

    It has a few advantages of its own, though. Dark Magic users can absorb magic from others, particularly from Light Magic users. It can also create small black holes. Users can cast Dark Magic spells that can be used against Devils. They're also one of the few groups of magic users who are immune to Kotodama Magic. 

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    Light Magic

    Users of Light Magic can create and control light. They can use it to create light-based swords, whips, arrows, and other weapons.

    It can also be used to heal wounds and to project images. Users can also move at the speed of light. 

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    Blood Magic

    Blood Magic is among the more grotesque types of magic. By congealing their own blood, the user can create weapons like scythes and swords. These weapons are powerful, but can be weakened by water. 

    That's not the really scary part - the really scary part is that Blood Magic users can control other people by controlling their blood. 

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