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The 15 Strongest Master-Student Duos In Anime History, Ranked

The relationship between masters and students are among the most complex and meaningful in the anime world. While there are masters of everything from martial arts to shogi, for this list we're going to focus on master-student duos who can kick butt - and often do so together. 

Among the strongest master-student anime duos are Saitama and Genos from One Punch Man - Saitama never planned to be a master of anything, but Genos admires his strength and wants to help him defeat his enemies. There's also Genkai and Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho - Genkai was one of the strongest people in the world, before giving most of her spirit energy to her young charge. Even after that, her years of experience allow her to fight alongside Yusuke. 

Which of these master-student warrior pairs are your favorites?

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    Silvers Rayleigh & Monkey D. Luffy - 'One Piece'

    Once a member of the renowned Roger Pirates, Silvers Rayleigh ends up training Luffy in Haki during the two-year time skip. He helps him master all three forms of Haki over the course of a year and a half, and in that time they develop a close relationship based on mutual love and respect. While most of their time together is dedicated to training rather than taking on enemies together, one can imagine that a team-up between the two Haki masters would be quite a sight. 

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    Piccolo & Gohan - 'Dragon Ball Z'

    Despite the fact that Piccolo and Goku were once mortal enemies, Piccolo ends up training his young son, Gohan. He does this because he knows that powerful Saiyans are coming to Earth, and he wants to make sure that someone will be strong enough to defend against them. Gohan learns swordsmanship and ki control from Piccolo, two skill sets that would serve as the basis for all of his other skills in the future.

    But Piccolo doesn't just train Gohan during his early childhood - the two also train before the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super, and take on Saganbo together. 

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    Izumi Curtis & Edward Elric - 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

    Izumi Curtis is a powerful alchemist, but she's also strong enough to lift and carry a bear. She decided to teach Edward and his brother Alphonse how to effectively use alchemy after she discovered that they had something in common: they'd all tried to bring someone back to life using alchemy, and they all paid a terrible price.

    Her training is relentless - she expects them to be every bit as strong as she is. While they complain endlessly, they're ultimately glad for it. She repeatedly fights alongside her charges, helping out when Al gets kidnaped and joining the fray in the fight against Father. 

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    Master Roshi & Goku - 'Dragon Ball'

    Goku might be just about the strongest person in the known anime universe, but he didn't get that way on his own. One of the people he has to thank is his teacher, Master Roshi. Most of that training takes place during Goku's childhood - but rather than directly teaching him martial arts, he has him deliver milk, swim with sharks, and other seemingly random tasks that are designed to build creativity, endurance, strength, and other traits.

    While Goku is more known for his battle prowess, Master Roshi is no slouch either - especially when he accesses his MAX Power form. 

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