The Strongest Characters In The MCU, Ranked

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Across 23 films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought some of the most popular heroes, villains, and supporting characters from the comics to the big screen - many of whom possess astonishing abilities and spectacular skills (though some are pretty weak when you think about it). 

When it comes to the strongest MCU characters, raw strength isn't the only qualification. Instead, it’s important to look at how each individual uses unique abilities when facing enemies or carrying out missions. In the end, however, the choice is yours.

Here are the strongest Marvel characters ranked by the fans who love them.


  • Scarlet Witch
    Photo: Avengers: Age of Ultron / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
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    Who She Is: Wanda Maximoff experienced a fair amount of loss and trauma even before Hydra experimented on her. And while she's initially motivated by revenge after she gains her powers, her heroism quickly comes to the forefront.

    What She Does: In Avengers: Age of Ultron, her powers include telekinesis and limited mental manipulation. She hasn't used the latter in some time, but her ability to move objects with her mind has grown into something more. While her movie powers are a departure from the comics, it's clear Scarlet Witch has some serious untapped potential.

    Her Strongest Moment: Holding off Thanos - twice!

    Her Weakest Moment: Being bested by Hawkeye. 

  • Thor
    Photo: Thor: The Dark World / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
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    Who He Is: Thor Odinson is not only the most gifted warrior of his realm, he also commands lightning and one powerful hammer. Scratch that: one powerful ax.

    What He Does: Thor has a long list of powerful attributes. Super-strength, a life that spans thousands of years, near-invincibility, mastery of electricity, and the most powerful ax in the universe.

    His Strongest Moment: Cutting through an Infinity Gauntlet blast to bury his ax in Thanos's chest.

    His Weakest Moment: Letting his ego get in the way and not going for the head the first time around.

  • Doctor Strange
    Photo: Doctor Strange / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
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    Who He Is: Before becoming the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange is one of the most gifted surgeons in the world. After a devastating accident - and some globe trotting - he gains mastery of the mystic arts.

    What He Does: There seems to be no limit to what Doctor Strange can do. Even without the Time Stone at his disposal, Strange can perform a myriad of mystical feats, from conjuring various types of energy to flying to teleporting across the world.

    His Strongest Moment: Though his fight with Thanos is impressive, the good doctor's defining moment comes when he uses his big brain - and a nifty time loop - to annoy Dormammu into submission.

    His Weakest Moment: Like many of the heroes of Earth, Strange is cocky. That arrogance enables Ebony Maw to get the better of him when the two spar.

  • Thanos
    Photo: Avengers: Infinity War / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
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    Who He Is: We don't know much about Thanos's MCU backstory and how it matches up with the comics, but we do know he has an indomitable will. After devising a plan to save his ailing planet and people, Thanos spent years collecting the Infinity Stones and wiping out civilizations to meet his goal.

    What He Does: Thanos's biggest power seems to be his gift for strategy and his sheer determination. Aside from that, he's got super-strength that rivals pretty much everyone in the MCU.

    His Strongest Moment: Using the Infinity Gauntlet twice and living - briefly - to tell the tale.

    His Weakest Moment: We see Thanos lose twice, and both times the Mad Titan realizes his ego has gotten the best of him. But seeing him humbled after eliminating the Infinity Stones and awaiting his fate at the hands of the Avengers is definitely his lowest point.