All Of The MCU's Phase 4 Heroes, Ranked By Power Level

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The Marvel Phase 4 lineup has brought with it a slew of new MCU heroes, and with their arrival, the hierarchy of Marvel power levels must be replaced. Gone are the original Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow, and taking their place are a handful of old favorites in new roles and a whole bunch of entirely brand-new characters. 

When it comes to comparing the new roster against one another, one question remains of the utmost importance in comic book circles: Who would win in a fight? Or, in more Marvelous terms, which MCU hero is the strongest there is?

Phase 4 of the MCU includes far more diversity than the previous phases, and that’s also true, though less importantly, when it comes to superpowers and specialized skill sets. Each updated hero or new arrival brings something unique to the table, and they’ll be putting their abilities to use against evildoers for years to come - much to the joy of audiences at home and in theaters.