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All Of The MCU's Phase 4 Heroes, Ranked By Power Level

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The Marvel Phase 4 lineup has brought with it a slew of new MCU heroes, and with their arrival, the hierarchy of Marvel power levels must be replaced. Gone are the original Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow, and taking their place are a handful of old favorites in new roles and a whole bunch of entirely brand-new characters. 

When it comes to comparing the new roster against one another, one question remains of the utmost importance in comic book circles: Who would win in a fight? Or, in more Marvelous terms, which MCU hero is the strongest there is?

Phase 4 of the MCU includes far more diversity than the previous phases, and that’s also true, though less importantly, when it comes to superpowers and specialized skill sets. Each updated hero or new arrival brings something unique to the table, and they’ll be putting their abilities to use against evildoers for years to come - much to the joy of audiences at home and in theaters. 

  • The Scarlet Witch Can Do Whatever She Wants
    Photo: WandaVision / Disney+

    Superpowers/Special Equipment: Wanda Maximoff has a double-whammy of psionic-related superpowers AND actual sorcery, and she’s beyond parallel in either field. Her Mind Stone-given abilities include energy blasts, telekinesis, and mental manipulation. Her inherent mastery of Chaos Magic allows her to bend reality itself to her will, in essentially any way she wishes. 

    MCU Feats of Power: Where to begin? Maximoff almost took out Thanos by herself, and that was before she even came close to unlocking her true potential. As the Scarlet Witch, she transformed an entire town - and all the people in it - into a real-life sitcom world just so she could process her grief. She also conjured an entire family out of thin air. And then, to top it all off, Wanda handily defeated Agatha Harkness, who up until that point was the most powerful witch to ever exist.

    Comic Book Feats of Power: Believe it or not, the Scarlet Witch is even more powerful in the comics. She rewrote the entire Marvel Universe at one point so that mutants could reign supreme, and that was right after she accidentally disassembled the Avengers without even realizing it. She hasn’t gotten any less powerful since then, either - just better at controlling it. 

  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum Is Monica Rambeau’s Plaything
    Photo: WandaVision / Disney+

    Superpowers/Special Equipment: Monica Rambeau has gone by a lot of different codenames in her time as a fictional character, and they each give a hint at her considerable variety of superpowers. She’s as fast as a photon and as powerful as a pulsar. As a master of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, she's Captain Marvel’s equal - and then some. In layperson’s terms, Rambeau can manipulate, absorb, and transform into any form of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum.

    MCU Feats of Power: Monica made it through the Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic dome in Westview with her bare hands. She jumped in the way of bullets her S.W.O.R.D. boss had fired at children and had the bullets phase through her while simultaneously robbing them of their kinetic energy. She also survived a drop from a great height with no ill effects by absorbing the impact.

    Comic Book Feats of Power: Spectrum can do anything that energy can, and that’s a lot. She can travel at the speed of light, phase through solid matter, and let loose blasts of hard light that hit like 300 tons of TNT. She’s powerful enough to have once been unanimously chosen as the official leader of the Avengers, and the sheer versatility and scope of her abilities qualify her as one of their most effective members ever. 

  • Superpowers/Special Equipment: All members of the Eternal race are incredibly powerful, and Ikaris is perhaps the most powerful of them all. He’s immortal, obviously, but he’s also as strong as a Hulk, as durable as the Thing, and able to fly at hypersonic speeds. Ikaris can also channel cosmic energy into all sorts of useful abilities, including beams emitted from his eyes and psionics. In short, he’s one of Marvel’s many takes on the Man of Steel.

    MCU Feats of Power: Ikaris proved his power level fighting off the rest of his fellow Eternals to protect the emergence of Tiamut (and destroy Earth in the process). While he ultimately fails to protect Tiamut, it was only because he wasn't willing to take Sersi's life.

    Comic Book Feats of Power: Ikaris has proven capable of lifting more than 40 tons without engaging any of his bonus superpowers. He’s defeated gamma monsters, gods, and pretty much everyone aside from Thanos - something that remains a serious bone of contention for Ikaris. The most impressive showing on his fight card? Probably beating up the Silver Surfer. 

  • Superpowers/Special Equipment: Like all Eternals, Sersi can live forever and fly, and she's generally harder, better, faster, and stronger than an ordinary human being. Specifically, however, she can manipulate matter at a molecular level, essentially allowing her to transmute pretty much anything into pretty much anything else. She can also conjure up something out of nothing, though only as an illusory effect. 

    MCU Feats of Power: Sersi was the one Eternal able to fight through the Emergence and stop Tiamut from destroying the Earth. She used her matter transformation powers to turn the sleeping Celestial into stone and finished the mission once the rest of the Eternals backed her up with the Uni-Mind.

    Comic Book Feats of Power: Sersi once bore all the Infinity Gems without any issue. She impressed Thor with her strength way back in the Viking era. And it was she who waylaid Odysseus’s odyssey and turned all of his companions into pigs. Perhaps most impressively, Sersi once saved the world by straight-up transmuting herself into a more powerful Eternal.